Monday, April 20, 2009

Brotherly Love

Being the mom of 3, yes, THREE, boys is a constant learning experience. In fact ... I'm not sure of the math, but I'm sure that it's not equivalent to 3 girls or 3 people either. Three boys is a much larger number due to the energy,curiosity and constant competition that occurs between them. I am forever amazed at the number of things they come up with to come in "first" at. Brushing teeth, putting on shoes, getting their cereal bowl milk poured first, getting their pj's on ... pretty much anything is a race.

This weekend we had a visit from Grandma and took her and Aunt Jackie with us to a Mercy Me concert. It was really a great concert--even though the event center had no air conditioning due to last year's floods in Iowa and the arena temperature was sweltering! Yes, you're reading this right, we took everyone. I'm pretty sure that taking a 10 month old to a Christian rock concert isn't probably in the Dr.Sear's book of things to do ... in fact I couldn't find the sticker for it on my Baby's First Year
Calendar either so apparently it's a bit rare.I did bring cottonballs for his ears and luckily was able to strip him down to a light cotton pair of pants and his onsie so
he was much happier than the rest of us folks dripping with sweat in our long sleeve sweatshirts and jeans. And as I sat in the hallway where it was a bit quieter and cooler for most of the concert missing what was being said and hearing the music from afar I played pattycake with our littlest man and just enjoyed the moment for what it was knowing that there will be many concerts down the road that I can go to alone and many more that he probably won't want me tagging along.

So here it is Monday, my oldest is home sick from school. Or may I be so bold to suggest that I think he is actually F A K I N G being sick (sigh) In actuality, I think he's tired from the weekend and just wanted to hang with the family. The boys are playing pretty well together off and on and even have taken time to play with Nolan in their tent. I'm sure it won't be long and we'll need to be explaining 3
way ties to stop the competitive tears. But for now, lets hope for generous
winners and grateful losers and lots of brotherly love.

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The Sanders Family said...

As you know, I can totally relate to this post. Being the 'first' is very important, and can be frustrating for a mom. But I've also found that the boys' desire to be first can also be a great motivational tool. For example, when Gabe is getting dressed but Coop refuses, I just say, 'Oh look Cooper, Gabe's gonna be first to get dressed,' and all of a sudden, getting dressed is kicked into high gear! So, it can come in handy at times :) Oh, the tricks of motherhood, lol.

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