Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Easton's Haircut

So I've had a lot of things I SHOULD have blogged about in the last week that certainly take priority over today's events, like Nolan's first words beyond "Maaam and Dadada"--I know he said "bubble" while I was giving him a bath and "uh oh"--of course he won't repeat "bubble" again for anyone else--but in my mother's heart I know I heard it :-)
... SO I have to start in somewhere because if I wait until I have a predetermined undisturbed 10 minutes that I can devote to blogging-- it just will never happen!

Today Easton let me cut his hair.
That in itself may be understandable BIG for a 3.5 year old as they often don't like people in THEIR space, especially with sharp scissors near their ears. (Of course if it were he and his brother with sharp objects near his face he'd probably not see the harm in it. Go figure.) Anyway, to further appreciate this milestone it needs to be pointed out that Easton's comfort item is ... hair. He loves to hold onto hair. Usually mine, but in a pinch his own will do. In fact I've often thought maybe we should have named him Samson. I really don't mind him reaching for my hair--it's one of the last "baby" things that he still has as he is growing up so fast. Even his chubby cheeks are thinning down. (He loves to ask me, "I'm a ittle-bit-big right mom?" Oh, it just melts my heart.)

Anyway, he HATES having his hair cut, even at the cute kids place that provides them with suckers and movies to watch while sitting on a pony taken from a merry-go-round--believe me I've tried about everything to get him into getting a haircut without having to physically restrain him in a full body hug and both of us leaving totally full of hair and tears. Lately however he has done well with the gal in our little town who just uses scissors and not the buzz trimmer. This kind of scissors only haircut looks nice, but just not for as long ... so I thought as we near summer I might try to save a few dollars and try cutting it myself. And he actually agreed today--as long as I just used scissors! (Maybe because his big brother has been agreeing to me cutting his hair for awhile now and has done a super good job proving how painless it is.)

So today, I gauged his mood and asked if he'd be up for it and when he agreed I jumped at the opportunity! I put in a Scooby Doo video (he really likes Daphne ... probably because of her hair) got out the scissors and started snipping. It was going really well when I realized that I had done a really great job on the front and over the ears but if he decided to bail at that point he would be sporting a major mullet and it would be worse than the shaggy-look he had to begin with! All in all we got it done, with a few tears near the end -- but NOTHING like usual. It's not a professional job, but it does look acceptable.


Here's a photo of our Easter boys (sorry the haircut refused to be photographed.)

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The Sanders Family said...

I'm right there with ya on saving money by administering my own haircuts. Might as well, right?!?
The easter photo of the boys is so cute! Like I said before, they really do look like brothers!

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