Tuesday, April 7, 2009

On your marks ... get set ... go

Okay, I'm officially starting this blog--and as I stumble through figuring out how this all works I hope you'll bare with me. I'm a graphic designer for goodness sake, I think I should be able to figure this out ... however, doing that while keeping 3 boys occupied is another matter! My first posting will be short and sweet. I'm putting a photo of my two older boys on the page first ... mainly because I figured out how to get them there ... but also because they are so handsome! This photo is from a couple of months ago when they were in their cousin's wedding as ringbearers. They did a wonderful job and made us so very proud.

We'll hopefully have the rest of the family up online soon as I get a hang of this ... stay tuned!

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The Sanders Family said...

Woo Hoo! You made it and I'm your first blog comment! Glad you took the leap and decided to start a blog. Have fun and be careful...it can be addicting! Love, Angie :)

The family

The family