Monday, April 27, 2009

The Hardest Job

Please remember that the Love Without Boundaries Art Auction closes
TODAY (Tuesday) and there is still a chance to bid on some outstanding
things! (ie: a certain quilt maybe?) If you aren't sure if you are interested in anything please go to the LWB website and click on the "Medical" button and then on "sponsor a child" to find the inspiration in the eyes of a child to find something that you could really be interested in. (See post a few down to see a photo of the aforementioned quilt.)

This week the weather has been a bit rainy and cold (actually with some tornadoes
thrown in to just make things interesting.) But last Friday was SO
welcome with temps in the 80s! And to celebrate we met my husband at
his workplace and had a family picnic on the lawn since my Kdg . did not
have school and we were ALL available. I've not seen other families do
this but I think they should. It's a beautiful, lush campus that has
lots of trees-it's really a shame that people usually only see them
while driving by on the busy road. And the boys also enjoyed climbing a
tree or two which was fun!

I also had one of those mommy moments that kinda pulls at the heart the day before when I was in our own lawn with Nolan. He started crawling off the blanket to discover some treasure--a crinkly leaf further over in the yard. Seeing his little bottom
crawling off into the distance over the hill gave me both a chuckle and also a little twinge of "Oh no, he's going to grow up so quickly!"

It's hard to be a parent sometimes, wanting them to stay little, wanting
them to grow up too ... I guess that's why it's so sweet to just cherish
them now--easy or hard, good or bad, just love them the best you can.

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