Sunday, May 17, 2009

Chop Stick Success Part 2

I need to write a retraction ... well, actually an update--about the Chop Sticks post (see below.) This weekend for the second week in a row we had the opportunity to eat a Chinese meal. (This in itself deserves a post ... my goodness we live in the middle of the midwest where there is not a lot of diversity opportunities just red flagging themselves for people to take advantage of.) However this time we did not have to order in a restaurant from a menu but were treated to an incredible authentic Chinese meal from our good friend Ming who is from Shanghai, China! It was so wonderful--from the 1000 year old eggs to the pork dumplings, the marinated pork, steamed chicken, fried rice, spicy green-beans (I'm sure they have a name which I apologize for not knowing) and a cold cucumber dish (which I don't have the name of either), and some tofu ... it was fantastic! (And we also had some wonderful Strawberry Shortcake to finish things off ... I think that was not so Chinese, but it was just as wonderful!)The kids loved the dumplings so much too. It was really fantastic.

But in addition to this wonderful opportunity to taste authentic Chinese cuisine, Jeff also asked to try it with chopsticks which were readily supplied to him in a heartbeat. I think he read my post and was a little hurt by my comment on the chop sticks, which I am so sorry for. He is a man that never fails to amaze me with his ability to take on about any challenge and to work on it until he has tackled it and succeeded. And just like in so many things, it did not take him very long and he not only had it down but he "out sticks" me in his chop-stick-finness-ness! Which probably isn't saying much ... so let me say, he is like Edward Scissorhands with bamboo fingers. Watch out China ... put away the Western silverware. He ain't be needin' it no longer. :-)

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The Sanders Family said...

I'm envious of you both. I don't think I'd know what to do with chopsticks in my hand. Can't say I couldn't learn, but I've never really felt the desire to try. My American silverware has suited me just fine :) But what a great talent to have!

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