Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Do you have room in your heart?

If you have the heart and call to adopt ... yes you ... not the family sitting next to you, but YOU--or if you know someone who is considering adoption, please go HERE to see an adorable little boy named Adam who is looking for a forever family. Could it be yours?

Adam lives at New Day Foster Home which is an extraordinary place for children in China--children who for varying reasons, have special needs of different kinds. I have only been following New Day Foster Home since February but it has been such a blessing in my life to know the work that is being done there through the lives of those who work and volunteer by showing HIS love through their lives and their service and their love to these kids. As I mentioned, the children at ND are all "Special Needs" children--but be careful, you'll fall in love with them and realize that their special need is just that, a condition--sometimes cured, but always addressed. These kids almost seem like extended family to me--I love checking in with their photos on the NDFH blog (see button on the side bar to the right) and reading about their milestones and especially when their forever family is found for them.

Within the Adam blogspot you can click on a link that takes you to "Small World Adoptions" where you will read a most moving description about Adam--God has made him so wonderfully and I am sure he will soon find his forever family. (I love the part about the thumb-sucking, oh my goodness how precious!)

If you're not already familiar with New Day, I encourage you to check it out. I notice so many people click over to our Almy blogsite and I never know who you-all are since I don't hear many comments--but hey, it's still cool to see where everyone is checking in from and to know that somebody checks in to see what we're up to.

Please lift up Adam in your prayers to find that very perfect family of his very own!

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TanyaLea said...

Thank you for posting about NewDay and sweet Adam! I have a special place in my heart for NDFH, too...so I love to see how others feel the same passion for their selfless work as I do. Adam is just precious and we are praying that his "forever family" comes forth soon!!

God bless! <><

The family

The family