Monday, June 15, 2009

Don't Mess With Texas

We were headed into town to do some errands last week when Easton had a dilemma. He had worn his tennis shoes into the swimming pool (okay, it was only one shoe and let me make sure that you understand our definition of a "pool" ... it is a plastic wading pool--nothing grand or fancy.) We only have one pair of tennis shoes each for the kids right now since they outgrow them so fast it seems ... so he either had to wear his rubber farm boots or his cowboy boots on our trip. Of course we discovered this problem when I was already a few minutes behind and we were scurrying to get into the van to go. (I'm sure this never happens to anyone else.)

It was a hot day and so of course he had shorts on, luckily fashion faux pas did not throw him into a tizzy (thank heaven for little boys who do not think of such things!) Normally he would have loved the idea of shorts with boots ... but he was upset that his shoe was wet since I think his older brother actually had something to do with its sogginess. Naps were overdue and he just really had had enough ... and he said so saying so adamantly, "I am SO angry!"-- (which I had to try really hard not to crack a smile at when he said it because he was so solemn and serious about his feelings ... but it was a precious moment of him declaring his feelings while in his shorts and boots. (haha)

The moment reminds me of Jeff's favorite coffee cup that I bought for him a few years ago while I was still working outside the home and I was traveling in Houston. It had printed on it, "Don't Mess With Texas." He loved that cup ... unfortunately it took a heroic dive off a fence post one autumn morning and is no longer a part of our family cupboard collection. However, its memory remains and comes to mind especially on occasions like this. It was definitely a "Don't mess with Tex-Easton" moment.

(Note Nolan's smiley grin from his car-seat just beyond the serious cowboy. Click on the photo to see it larger)

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The Sanders Family said...

Seriously Valerie, do I have to turn you in to 'What Not to Wear'? Cowboy boots with shorts are definitely not on my approved fashion list. No wonder Easton looks so mad, lol. Actually, there's a photo from Jason's childhood where he's wearing cowboy boots with a long shirt and no pants. Makes me laugh every time I see it. Maybe I'll have to post that one on the blog ;)

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