Thursday, June 18, 2009

Lei and the Red Dress

(Yes, that is a tear)

When does the indescrible depth found in a child's eyes leave? I'm not sure ... but there is something in the eyes of a child that is so trusting, so true, so purely close to heaven. And then as we become older ... it's somewhat harder to see it seems, at least when we are in less vulerable states. Maybe this is because we become good at hiding our needs or get overwhelmed by our wants or because we become able to provide and protect ourselves (or so we think.) But there is something so pulling and so honest about the look from a child and the return pull that radiates from another heart in response.

I know I have a tender heart when hearing stories about children who are in this world alone. I'd like to believe that God put this ache in my heart for a reason, that maybe it is a small sliver of a speck of something of Him and the ache that He feels ... But I cannot imagine ... and really I don't want to imagine, the lonliness of not having a family ... because no one should be in such a position.

Isn't this little girl absolutely precious? I'd like you to pray for her in the hope that she is on her way to getting a family and that she would not have to spend a second more than absolutely necessary in an orphanage. Her name is Lei and she received a cleft lip surgery in April during a Medical Exchange in Shanghai. Two incredible doctors from MN were a part of the 7th Annual Medical Mission there to preform life-changing miracles for over 20 children over the course of 6 days.

Some day I hope to share more of this story with you all, but for now I'd like you to just pray for Lei who is from Fujian Province. I really don't know much about her except that she was brought to my attention out of the seas of this world because of her medical need and now she's melted back into the tide--but I still keep her in my heart in prayer. If you are in the process of adoption I pray that you would consider a Special Needs Child. Lei's "special need" is so mild, perhaps her greater special need is simply needing a family.
Here are some more photos of her:

Lei's post on LWB website asking for donations so she could be a part of the Medical Surgery in Shanghai in April:

Her photo upon arrival:

Lei following surgery:

Lei at discharge ... back to her orphanage:

I was SO thrilled to hear that Lei received her surgery and that her lip was corrected and looked so awesome! But, my heart sank when I read the words, "she was discharged and returned to her orphanage ..." I hope it is a good one with loving caregivers and adequate food and love. And I hope she gets adopted by a family who will lead her to know her Heavenly Father who will never leave her--ever.

And the Red Dress?
I remember sometime in the last couple of months seeing a photo of a little girl somewhere in Africa, an AIDS orphan ... alone, scared, hungry ... but not really alone ... there was a mass of children in the not so very far distance who unfortunately were in the same place as she was, orphaned.

My instant thought that came across my mind as I saw this photo (while my kids were pulling at my arm to get going to play soccer with them and to step away from the computer) was, "Someone should help her--someone should do something,that is just not right ... isn't there an adult who is charge of this? And then it struck me who the adult was in this scenario ... wow. What a reality check.

I know that I am not supposed to fly to Africa and look for this specific girl or adopt 35 kids. No, there was a reason that my kids were there pulling on my arm, and also a reason why that little girl was there pulling on my heart. Because of both of these polarities pulling on me, my mind was drawn to thinking of who could help her. What would that person look like? What position would they be in? I saw the situation from the vantange point of a child, maybe my own, maybe others and what they all would say. And oddly enough I thought of a mom, just an average mom, who was probably in her 30's or 40's and just as busy with her own kids ... and I'm sure that this moment was not the result of chance because I don't believe in chance much anymore. I really think that God was getting my attention because it was one of those instances that had an almost irridescent clarity apart from the day-to-day kind of things ... and I can recall the passion, emotion and resolve that I felt at that moment as if it had just happened. I can still feel the red color of the dress I saw her wearing ... yes feel the color in my eyes.

And yet here I am still not knowing what I can do. I know that God was getting my attention ... and I am left so overwhelmed by it all I know the only solution possible is to leave it at the feet of someone who IS ABLE to do something. Not just one, not just a person, but someone so much greater, so much larger. I am trying to practice what the one thing I know I can do. That I can afford. That I know deep down is the only answer, the only help. And that is to pray. And I'm left asking why is this so hard? It is so easy and yet so hard to trust that is the answer. I don't know why. But I hope with practice that it becomes easier and more of an instant response instead of trying to DO things myself.
Pray for Lei.
Pray for the little girl in the red dress.

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Oh goodness - how that sweet baby hurts my heart.

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