Sunday, June 7, 2009

Little girl things

I made the opportunity to work on a project this week that was just so me. It was something that I don't often (if ever ... okay never) get the chance to work on ... I love to sew stuff, especially little girl stuff. And I think it's been percalating deep down inside for a long time because once I got the idea in my head things just took off like no tomorrow. Most of the time I simply do not have time to work on this kind of thing ... and when I might, I talk myself out of it reminding myself that my focus should be on BOYS. That's what we have, that's what I should put my energy toward. But there is a part of me that sometimes oozes over and I cannot contain the girl-ness that is within me. This week I was inspired by a story that I recently read on a friend's blog page.

You may be familiar with the story of this sweet little girl Elizabeth. I have been praying for her and thinking of her so often and this day, seeing her and her beautiful smile just melted the little girl in me and I just thought ... ya know ... I think if she's gonna bake, she needs an apron. Maybe I just needed an excuse to make something girly, maybe it's just fun to give gifts, maybe it's an outlet for my creativity or maybe it's a call back to my childhood when I had my own apron and I used to bake with my own mom. But I really had so much fun making this and it went SO well it was worth it already.

My boys humored me by helping pick out the material (which was remarkable that they were okay with helping me do this ... I mean come on! They're boys ... ALL boy in fact ... and a fabric store is NOT a fun place for them!) I was leaning toward a different color when Brayden really insisted that the red and black would be best. (He was really against the pink and flowers! LOL) And as I was making it I thought it needed a little pizazz in the center area and was able to find a piece of black and white material in my stash that I've had for a long time (we're talking over a decade) that I'm not even sure why I bought other than I liked the pattern of it. It has an Asian calligraphy feel to it and I've never used any of it until now and it really made the whole project come together.

You can find the sewing instructions and pattern here.
It is such a good tutorial and turned out to be the perfect pattern for what I had in mind. Not too frilly, not too grown up ... something that could be used for baking or for art projects or to dress up in over regular clothes.

But here's the kicker ... when I finished the little girl version, (And keep in mind that this entire project at this point had taken about 3-4 hours WHILE entertaining 3 boys, making lunch and playing some soccer games in between sewing and pinning so it went together incredibly smoothly) I got the idea that this was not a done deal. Once again, I'm thinking the little girl in me got loose ... and if I were the wearer of this apron, I would want a little one just like it for my doll. Well, I put this idea off ... because the logical part of me tried very hard to talk me out of it. But unfortunately sometimes when I get an idea in my head and it's already too late to stop the creative process. I remembered this really cool doll that my 8 year old nieces got for Christmas this year that they absolutely love. It has eyes that close when she lays down, arms and legs that move, a soft body, and long lovely comb-able hair and I remembered how reasonably priced my sister said it was. She was SO surprised in fact because it was such a beautiful doll. (The store I bought it at is a BIG craft store that starts with the letters "Mich***s". I wish she was a little less American looking ... but she does have darker hair and brown eyes.

Well I have no idea if this little girl likes dolls or not, but the little apron that goes with the doll only took an hour to put together and it really is cute! So, I have my fingers crossed that she enjoys it at least half as much as I enjoyed making it. If anyone would like the dimensions for the 18" doll apron I'd be happy to post them (you'll need the child apron instructions as a sewing reference as I just have measurement numbers not a fancy tutorial), just let me know. Maybe I'll just have to make one for myself next. (haha)

Enjoy the photos :-)
And if you want to send the little gal some more clothes for her wardrobe you can get them at the aforementioned store ... or make them yourself for an 18" doll!


The Sanders Family said...

How absolutely sweet of you to sew these two aprons for this little girl! What a blessing the aprons, and the doll, will be to her.
By the way, great job with the sewing. You may think you're a novice, but I can barely sew a button back onto a shirt! To me, your a master seamstress and my sewing hero :)
Oh, and have you bought and sent the PBK sheets to the orphanage yet? If not, let me know and put me down to buy three sheets. I'd love to help in out and I'll pay you when I see you.

Jacob and Carrie said...

Valerie - the sheets and the aprons are both amazingly cute! I'm excited to see them in person.

Firefly Photo Jewelry said...

What a crafty girl you are! Those are sooo cute. I can't believe it didn't take you long with all the "help" you had.

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The family