Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Planting a forest

My husband spent his Saturday planting trees.
Not one or two ... or three or four ... but 100. Yes, one hundred little pine trees are now spreading out their roots and getting used to their new home here on our little acreage. (Notice in the photo all the tiny white flags in a row, each one marks a tree ... and the rows continue up and over the hill double the distance shown here!) But this is not the first time we've done this ... but more like the fourth or fifth, if you count the 80+ bushes we planted in 1998 around a Pioneer Cemetary that is supposedly located in the middle of our hay field (but that's a different story with several painful twists that I will have to share another day.)

But getting back to the trees. We/He first started out with the plan to do 50 new trees to replace those in our current wind breaks that we've been working on over the past 6 years and to also begin a new wind break half way through the field. It seems like when we usually plant these in April-June I'm 9 months pregnant and painfully helping (barely able to bend over my giant pregnant belly--and yet, we only have 3 children ... so apparently our planting schedule is spaced exactly with our children, hmmm) so he's gotten used to doing much of this on his own (or at least increasingly on his own.) In fact, I think he enjoys the time with the land and quiet time communing with God (at least that's what I'd like to believe so I don't feel quite so bad for not being there 100 percent, although I gotta say I have definitely gotten elbow deep in it plenty.) In fact, by the time Jeff retires I am imagining there being a forest out my window and not so much of a field!

You see Jeff is such a hard worker and so very passionate for the things he sets his mind to doing. I guess one of the things I admire most about him is his vision... and his ability to not only think big, but to carry through. This appreciation does sometimes take some time to grasp though ... When I picked up the seedlings last week from a friend who ordered them for us I commented, "why do our husbands not share the same passions as we do?" We chuckled ... but I kept thinking of this and I can now appreciate more how God weaves us together in our differences as well as our likenesses. We are not all the same in our purpose, our passions or in our interests ... but in a greater way we are doing our part to be His children, uniquely and specifically made for His purpose. And as for my husband,I may not always have my heart in exactly the same passions as his, but I am along side him and I'm always amazed at his dream and I know that we both do share the same passion as the greater HIM ... and along side HIM we will continue to be amazed at HIS dream and HIS purpose for us all.

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The Sanders Family said...

Jason's dad came over and planted 30 {I think} trees in our backyard too. What is it with guys and trees?!? Such nice words you said about Jeff. A hard working man is definitely a treasure!

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The family