Monday, June 1, 2009

Way Up North

We just returned from a family trip over the Memorial Week and I'm glad to report that since I last blogged the stitches in Brayden's head have dissolved and the wounds are well on their way to healing and just being a birthday to remember (see Birthday Blues below to read about that story.) Now, my youngest will turn ONE next week ... and we will have a quiet celebration at home--I hope! :-)

I thought I'd post some photos of the boys on their fishing trip last week. This post will mostly be a photographic essay. We had all three boys along with Jeff and myself and Grandma on our first day out on the lake. Wow. That was a busy day. Easton was a bit disappointed in the lack of fish immediately taking his bobber (how funny 3.5 year olds are!) It was no wonder he liked the second day we took the family out on another lake for a few evening hours of Sunny and Crappie fishing with another family. It was fish after fish and so fun just watching for the bobber to go under! And it was exciting enough that Nolan was just content watching the boys excitedly haul in the fish and Jeff getting them off the hook and me ... well ... trying my hardest. Man they are slippery fellows! I did get better at it each time.

Inspired by the nice weather and the opportunity to take a half hour to myself, I started running again while on our vacation. Which is good since our health insurance will give us a break if we complete a fitness program in the next month. It is humbling to start up again where I left off 1 son ago! (How's that for a way to mark time ... by children ... it's definitely a mom thing!) Not easy, but I'm hoping for perserverence and strong will to stick with it. I'll keep ya posted on that. It's hard to believe that 7 years ago I was able to do sprint distance triathlons. I guess that's something to shoot for once again.

And our trip was not to Alaska as the song might lead you to believe ... but it was up North from here.

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The Sanders Family said...

Cute photos! Makes me wish we were on vacation! Looks like you had a great time, chicken pox and all :)

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The family