Friday, July 24, 2009

Awesome Childen's Book

I came across this book when we were visiting our family up North. At first I was a little turned off by the purple cover since we have boys and purple and pink are forbidden at our house ... but I soon forgave the graphic designer's choice of book cover color when I read the stories! (Yes, don't judge a book by it's cover.)
Easton absolutely loved these stories! They are set to rhymes very similar in style to Dr. Seuss and include twelve stories about caring, sharing, loving, and growing, written with humor and hilarity and intended to teach important lessons to children (and their parents) about obedience, kindness, fairness and other godly virtues. There is even a story about adoption (Cowboy Casey). And each story ends with a page that relates to a specific Scripture verse that the story is based on.

Here's a synopsis
[Do you know anyone like Cowboy Casey, who needed more cowboy stuff? Or maybe you know someone like Buzzle Billy who had gimme hands, (a story about sharing.) Every family can use someone like Handy-Dandy Helpful Hal, who gets the chores done in no time! All these characters and many more are found in Helpful Hal's Treasury of Christian Virtues. You and your family will laugh out loud at the hilarious antics of Sir Maggie the Mighty (obeying), Suzy Swoof (teasing), and Sylvester the Jester to just name a few. But at the same time, you will be learning important lessons about obedience, kindness, and fairness.]

I cannot believe that they took this out of print! There are a few typos here and there throughout that I chuckle at wondering who proofread it before printing (maybe a tired mom?)It's pretty awesome though and thought I'd share it with you all. "Santa" got a copy for Easton for Christmas last year and it is always a favorite read. I wish they still had this in print so I could buy it NEW ... but the NEW ones are now listed at over $100 (yikes!) Our version was a used copy but apart from a nice inscription by the previous owner's Grandparents (that I carefully removed) and a few light colored pencil marks it was like new! I cannot emphasize enough what a wonderful book this is!
It's called Helpful Hal's Treasury of Christian Virtues by Michael Waite. (You can also get each story separately but I liked them all together.)


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Thanks for the review! I'll have to keep my eye out at thrift store. You never know what you find. : )

Yeah, $100 is a bit out of my price range :)

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