Thursday, July 23, 2009

Daddy blues

As I watch the little green plane of Jeff's flight on fl* make it's line away from us toward it's destination half way around the world, I am amazed at how sad my heart is. Of course I knew I would miss Jeff, I just didn't think it would be so soon and for no reason at all except that he's far away and I simply do.

While we were in the airport (which is now the boys' new favorite playground ... who knew that 1 bouncy ball and so much wide open space would be such a hit!) Our airport is pretty nice by the way, just simple and not real crowded like one of those hubs like Chicago or Dallas ... huh, go figure. Anyway, the boys were playing and having a grand time when the boarding announcement came across the loud speaker for Jeff's flight ... and nearly instantly Easton, our almost 4 year old, stopped and huge tears began to flow and he just melted into so much sadness about how he wanted to go too! It truly made everyone's heart hurt for his. (And not just our family ... I think everyone in the airport quite honestly felt that tug at their heart for that feeling of "I don't want to let you go!")

Easton loves his Daddy SO much! Well, of course ALL the boys do ... it's the first question they ask EVERY morning (Where's Dad?) As if the answer during the week is ever any different. But the words of a child in how they feel or what they want is amazingly honest at times. This week he kept making small remarks as we put things together for Jeff's trip about how he wanted to go too or he would mention that if he could go too he could pack such and such in his own bag ... I just didn't realize how much he must have really been thinking about this trip and time with dad away on his own. He is at that wonderful age when a little boy reaches out to his dad and really bonds with him and kinda lets go of mom in many ways. I've seen it with Brayden and now with Easton and I've read that it's what's supposed to happen. It's wonderful to see ... and also sad too ... but to see the depth of his love for his daddy ... wow it is cool. And that makes a mom happy too.

Here they are playing golf--even here he's studying him.


TanyaLea said...

So, so, SO precious! I remember that age very well. It was amongst my favorite of years...they seem to really come into their own and have so much depth that begins to emerge from their little beings. Oh how this post tugged at my heartstrings!...I felt as if I were right there watching it all take place.

Praying that the 'daddy blues' are calmed by the 'mommy cuddles' and that 'daddy' has safe travels!


The Sanders Family said...

Awww... that's so sweet. It's so hard to explain to children why daddy has to be away on a trip, especially when you're missing him too! Please don't hesitate to let us know if you need anything at all! Only nine more days, right?

The family

The family