Sunday, July 12, 2009

Hockey Camp

I cannot believe my little boy can possibly be ready for an all day hockey camp! We're talking 9am-3:45pm ... TONS of ice time, work outs, skill building. He woke up on Tuesday morning and his legs were SO sore! Ack! He just kinda winced there as he lay in bed ... man, I could feel his pain (or a memory of what a good workout pain might be.) I gave him Tylenol and he wanted to go back to camp no question ... so he didn't let the pain get him down! What a trooper.

And as challenging as this is for my soon to be First Grader I think I've had an equally tough week adjusting to the fact that he is growing up SO FAST right before our eyes! It is so hard to let go--slow as it is from the outside to others. On the inside ... wow ... parenting is just full of milestones.

And to add to the "mom angst" this week also marked Easton moving into a booster seat from a car seat, Brayden asking to eat off of a full size plate instead of a kid size salad plate, Nolan moving from the baby carrier to the 5 pt. harness car seat (that's a big one for me) AND suddenly eating all kinds of BIG BOY food not the mushy stuff. Yes, this has all hit at once. I guess it was to prevent me from becoming overly sentimental.

And as for the hockey ... no, it's not the common sport here in Iowa but it has been so good for Brayden to find a niche that he enjoys so much ... and it helps Jeff continue to dream that we live in Minnesota ...
please don't ruin his dream. (haha)

Look at the size of some of these other guys! (Brayden is 2 in from the right in the green jersey next to the GIANT guy in the white jersey.)

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