Wednesday, July 8, 2009

It's the Journey-Part 2

Our 5 Children--Lola, Tiki Tom, Nolan, Easton and Brayden

With the weather not exceeding 58 degrees, continuing rain and a 100% chance of mother-in-law conflict (wait, did I type that?) we decided to take a road trip away from Grandma's house to Duluth for an overnight trip. It was fun, especially the waterpark for the kids and the nice supper out to eat for the parents (and the kids were so well behaved!) Wow, it was super. I was not brave enough to try the water slides but Jeff and Brayden had a boat-load (haha) of fun on them. I really liked the Lazy River, just floating through a winding path of water on an intertube, although Nolan was pretty much terrified by it all as the sound really was loud in there for him especially with the water and splashing and the kids. It was sensory overload for the lil guy I think. But he loved it when we went outside to the outdoor heated pool and hot tub with the view of Lake Superior.

Easton and Brayden both enjoyed the smaller slides (I didn't post a photo of these, but they were small enough for me to enjoy too-I'm such a chicken.) The trip to Duluth was such a sweet way to spend some time together as a family. It was only an overnight, but we did so much and were able to recharge. It's nice to have family up-North, it is truly a beautiful area ... but being stuck at a house 15 miles from nowhere day after day and being criticized for having rules for our children, it was nice to venture out and breathe and grow together and truly appreciate each other as a part of our wonderful family!
We are truly SO VERY BLESSED! Thank you God!

Jeff and Nolan (the unsuspecting baby)
actually ... they are far enough in front of the water they did not get wet!

Me and a not so cooperative Brayden ... He loved the "Big Bucket" as a 2 year old ... not so much any more I guess (also, he did not get wet, although he thought he was going to.)

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