Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The lazy days of summer?

This week is VBS at our church! The theme is Operation Space and it is so cool! I wish I was one of the kids so I could experience it with them. But ... being about 30 years too old I'm participating by working on the Publication and Media stuff and am helping with the 12 preschool/littler ones in the Nursery.

Okay, if you didn't catch that number ... it was 12.
Wow--that is a lot of kids for this SAHM of 3! I now know what the Little Old Lady who lived in the shoe kinda experienced! But it is awesome seeing the kids every morning and I hope they're having fun and taking home something of eternal value.

Last week when Brayden was at hockey camp I failed to mention the bigger task my other 2 kids had. Since we didn't want to spend an extra hour on the road every day making a trip home and then back to get Brayden, we decided to stay in town and bum around for 6 or 7 hours shopping and browsing. (Not probably on the top of a 4 yr. old and 1 yr. old's list of fun things.) But I had so many errands for Bible School anyway it really worked out well. I tried to mix things up a bit and we planned picnic lunches all week and also went to a Splash pad at the park, as well as a regular park, the mall where they have a play place to crawl around on and a few other fun type things ... like the fabric store (heehee, okay that was fun for mom.) By the end of the week though the kids were so worn out from living in a car all day they were excited to stay home for a change!

Nolan got to experience riding in the Car Cart at the "Do It Yourself" store like a big boy along side his brother. The site of his excitment is etched in my mind! And when he reached over to put his arm around his big brother when we started moving and he got a little bit scared I just about cried with love for them! (Too bad I didn't capture it on film ...)
We hope to decide on some paint color schemes for their room soon. Right now they keep going between sports teams and I think my idea of color and their's are not aligned. I may be outvoted on the "Autumn Slumber" color for Pittsburg Penguins yellow and black and Minnesota Gophers Gold and Maroon. We'll have to see how it all comes together--after I rest up after VBS.

This is the mud room organizational fix I dream about ... but it's just too big for our exsisting mud room. It's fun to dream though!And Easton thought the washer and dryer were so cool maybe he'd take over doing our laundry if we purchased those too?
Hee hee, a girl can dream :-)

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The Sanders Family said...

Very cool mudroom cabinets. I have something similar in mind for our mudroom, only minus the washer & dryer {They'll be in the laundry room.} But, it'll be awhile I'm afraid before we're ready for anything inside...still working on the outside of the house! :)

Thanks so much for working in the nursery this week at VBS! Cooper is having a blast, and hopefully Chloe isn't getting too tired and cranky in there! I know it's a long morning for her, especially with the early new wake up time she's chosen for the past week!

Anyway, you've made it so much for for the kids! Awesome job Valerie! You are so appreciated!

The family

The family