Thursday, August 6, 2009

The big B-day

Today I am 39 years old ... and we all know the saying that "you're only as old as you feel" but if that's the case I really think I'm about 32--or maybe 23 ... somedays I really do feel like I'm in my early 20's! How could I possibly be well into my 30's?! I have never really gotten too worked up about the age thing. It's always been just numbers. But this year it's different. Maybe because my husband has been kidding me all year that I'll be turning 40 oh so very soon--He finally realized that the cold, cold response he was receiving was not because I didn't like that age necessarily but that I WASN'T turning 40 for over another year! (This was mid-June.) So he owes me a year I told him.

I read a fellow blogger's site this morning and was happily surprised to see her post about her birthday and to realize that we're virtual twins! Well, except that she's just turning 30, happy with her age, has so many goals, and born one day earlier--okay it's a stretch. She had a nice list and I'm going to attempt to do the same.

• I married Jeff 3 months before my 30th birthday.
• We moved into our new home 3 months before my 30th birthday.
• I was 31 the last time I participated in a sprint distance triathlon.
• I was 32 (and 3/4) when our 1st son was born.
• I was 33 when I became a stay at home mom.
• I was 35 when our 2nd son was born.
• I was 36 when I first had the courage to bring up adopting a child to my husband. (He thinks that would be craziness! Still praying on this.)
• I was 37 (and 3/4) when our 3rd son was born.
• I was 37 when we traded the car that we bought together a month after our wedding for a mini-van.
• I was 38 when our first born started kindergarten.
• I am 39 and going forward in hope for the things to come.

Looking at my list I have to admit that it has been a great decade and that my sadness will come out of leaving the familiar things that made my 30's so great. I hope to find many special things during the next year that will help me make that leap forward with hope and anticipation and not just regret that it's all over and all downhill! Starting my 30's and knowing that I was at the precipice of a new era in my life with a new husband, the promise of children, a new home ... it was sweet.
I wonder what lies ahead ... good things I hope, I know that I have many wishes and dreams that I would like to fulfill.

"For I know the plans I have for you," declares the Lord, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." Jer 29:11

(Now that verse came to mind and I saw that it is made in the context of 70 years (a lifetime) of exile ... so I'm hoping that I'm not going to have to wait a lifetime in an agonizing exile to prosper!)

Anyway, Happy Birthday to me. Go out there and make it count!


Tara Anderson said...

Hey, I like the "virtual twins" idea...and I really don't think it's that much of a stretch! Happy Birthday to you, sister of mine! As I read your list, I couldn't help but realize that your 30's held many of the same events that my 20's held for me--I admit, I jumped the gun on quite a few and was told frequently that I was crazy! But, God knew I wasn't! :) I have a feeling that the next decade will look similiar for the two of us as well...maybe with adoptions for both?!?! I so look forward to what God has in store for BOTH of us!!!

The Sanders Family said...

Happy Birthday Valerie! It's not how old you are, it's how old you feel. So I'd stick with the number 23! And you look great, not at all like you only have one year til' 40. Tell that husband of yours to stop teasing you...he's the old one after all, he he :)
Really though, hope you had a great one! Love ya! Angie :)

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