Saturday, August 8, 2009

Brayden's Toad

I'm the mom to 3 boys ... so I'm bracing myself for increased exposure to frogs, toads, snakes, bugs and other stuff that really interest boys ... especially when it's kinda freaky and can get a rise outta mom.

This week Brayden and Easton were playing on the slip n'slide and our wading pool in our back yard and they discovered a friendly toad. I was worried for the little fellow especially since he was heading for a small crack in the concrete between the patio and the door threshold. Long story short the toad ended up hiding in the crack and Brayden was in tears because I had mentioned that if they chased him into the crack he might get stuck so please don't harrass him too much. (Oh my, bad mom, bad mom.) The toad was obviously fine if he got in there ... but I had already brought the idea into his mind that the toad might not be. (I honestly did not think he would fit in there I was mostly afraid he'd get about half way and get stuck.) Well, Brayden prayed for that toad that night (a long hard prayer out there with his brother unprompted by me or my husband ... ) and in the morning the first thing I see is him darting out the door to check on the toad (who was still in the hole much to his disappointment.)

Wonderfully the toad did come out during the day while some neighbor kids were here during our Ladies Bible Study time. One of the girls LOVES toads and frogs so she kindly showed Brayden how to pick him up and hold him gently (thanks you SO MUCH so I didn't have to!) And when the kids all went home Brayden went to work making a Toad Habitat in our pool adding a big rock for him to sit on in between dips in the pool. He was set to keep him FOREVER! ...

Saddened when I broke the news to him that this would not be a good idea, he and his big heart set the toad free the night of my birthday. It was so sad to see the tears in his eyes and the ache in his heart that he felt. I know it's a small thing compared to true tragedies in the world ... but it was his tender heart. (He's trying to smile for this picture through his sadness, but look at those eyes!)

He cared so much for that toad's safety and happiness. I was proud that he was able to part with him without too much arguing. And we took a photo of Mr. Toad and had it enlarged into an 8x10 and put it in a frame for his bedroom wall. He now gets to say goodnight to him every night and is super happy he did the right thing. :-)
(This is the photo he chose for his wall)


Tara Anderson said...

I have no doubt that God will use Brayden's tender heart for His glory!!! What a sweetheart!

Jenn said...

Sweet Brayden! One of the things I love the most are boys with tender hearts! I also love this story and I love that you printed out a picture of "Mr. Toad" and framed it!

Yes....3 boys= lots of wet and slithery things! Enjoy!! :)


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