Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Bring Drew Home

See the little button on the right? Isn't Drew a sweetheart?! His forever family is in the process of adopting him and due to the slow economy they really could use some help to get them over a bump in the road and to the next stage. To read the entire story go HERE. (You may need to scroll down to Tuesday, August 18th on their blogspot for the full story. OR click on Drew's button to the right.

Drew's mom and dad are holding a really cool raffle to help raise some funds. They are not asking for a bazillion dollars, just something small and I'm sure they would appreciate prayer and encouragement as well! If you could post their cause to your own blog so the word can feather out that would be great too. It can be so hard to ask for help but which one of us would be unwilling to help someone especially if asked?! I am amazed at their humble and yet very faithful spirits.

While thinking on what to write for this post I was reminded how things happen to bring glory to God. Yes, it would indeed bring God great glory when Drew is adopted by this Christian couple and they raise him as their son and a son of God, but wouldn't it be even more impacting if it affected hearts and lives beyond this family. Perhaps God has orchestrated this timeline to fall at this moment for a deeper reason to touch more lives, move more hearts and bring Him even more praise and glory through a shared effort of everyone who reads his story!

As for the raffle, the prizes are donated by some neat places and folks and they are seriously cool! (I'm not sure if I'm wanting the Baby Be Blessed doll or the T-shirt more? Hmmm, doesn't matter, we just want Drew home!) Don't miss out--on the prizes AND on helping this sweetheart's family get their DTC in the mail ASAP.


TanyaLea said... have such a great heart! Thank you for helping out Drew's family by featuring this post on your blog...they truly love their Drew, and we cannot allow the enemy to keep them apart due to the unfortunate state of our economy. God has big things in store for all of them... I just know it!! <><

Big Hugs,

Tara Anderson said...

Thank you for posting this, Valerie! I didn't follow their blog (until today!) and I had no idea...thanks for getting the word out!

The family

The family