Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The Clouds of Preschool

I should have realized that I would not have the "sailing" experience with my second son's first day of Preschool that I had with my first son two years ago. Different child--different reactions.

Here's what I was hoping for: a beautiful sunny day that I could leisurely take photos of him happily standing in front of the School Elementary Sign, giddy with excitement about meeting new kids and being at school for the first time--man I can almost taste the sugar sweetness dripping off of that picture ... instead today it is dark and raining outside which doesn't boad well for my digital camera's photo taking ability and instead of excitement, Easton melted as he dodged the classroom by heading into the girls bathroom finally admitting that he was scared! And judging by the death grip on my leg he meant it.

I had a feeling that he would be a little nervous but until that moment he had not let on to it. I guess he was being brave ... up to a point. That point being the classroom door and seeing his teacher.

He's pretty much cut from the same piece of cloth as me in so many things (I think God has reasons for this as it teaches so much humility knowing that "yup, they got that trait from me." Ug.) And this is why I should have expected it even beyond the skipping up the sidewalk only minutes before.

New experiences can be scary as they are full of unknowns. I hope that I'll be able to comfort him in his anxieties and that even better that we will be able to bring him up to cast all his anxieties on the Lord who cares for him deeply (1 Peter 5:6-7) and is always with him. Also, I hope I can learn to embrace new experiences more openly seeing the potential and not just the changes.
And the photo? This Mom thought ahead and took that last week, "Just in case." Yup ... I guess maybe deep down I knew :-)


Tara Anderson said...

Good thinking on the early picture!!! :) Eli was the same way about starting school...and he even had a little bit of a hard time yesterday afternoon. Those "picture perfect" days never go quite as planned, do they? I guess that helps keep things "real" and in perspective...and it certainly keeps us humble!

The Sanders Family said...

Wow! I am impressed you thought ahead and took the photo last week! I would have never thought of that. Instead, this mean mommy makes her boys stand out in the rain ;)

I had no idea that Easton was scared! He seemed to settle right in with his book from what I saw. I hope he ended up having a fun time. Cooper said he played with Easton at preschool, 'cause they're friends.' Awwww.

And I know what you mean about being scared at school, except none of my kids have thus far taken after me in that way. Guess that's a good thing!

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