Saturday, August 15, 2009

Happy Fourth Birthday Easton!

Easton finally turned FOUR years old today! He's been asking every morning since his brother Brayden's birthday in May if it was his birthday yet. And I mean EVERY single morning he would ask! What a happy day it was finally! Four years ago AND today!

Easton was born ON his due date and it doesn't surprise me now. He is such a good listener I think he was afraid he didn't have a choice, it was his due date, he HAD to arrive. And it was such a quick labor--wow. Thank goodness we made it to the hospital in time ... but there was not alot to spare.

He is a loving, gentle, friendly buddy to his brothers and is a tremendous blessing for our family! Being silly and telling jokes is his specialty. His favorite jokes are knock knock ones and I find him absolutelly irresistable when he puffs his cheeks out just for fun.(I'm not sure where this started but it's a hoot!)

We love him SO much! For his birthday he got his first peddle bike. However, the one we had bought for him was too big so we exchanged it tonight when we went into town for supper. He was such a good sport about it all and it was even more fun to shop for it together as a family.

We plan on celebrating with cake tomorrow after church. Easton wanted to save his cake in order to share it with his dad's co-worker that is here from China and will be spending the day with us tomorrow. (How's that for a big-hearted four year old!) He wasn't sure if they had birthday cakes in China and he wanted to make sure he got to have some while he was visiting here. Tomorrow also will be a special day for me as I will experience adult baptism (more to come on that.)

Here is a photo of Easton and Brayden tonight with their soccer outfits dad brought home from China for them.(They would wear these continuously if possible.)

We love you Easton! Happy Fourth Birthday!


Michele said...

Your boys are so handsome! Four is the sweetest age, I think.

Enjoy it! It goes so fast!

Tara Anderson said...

Happy (belated) birthday, Easton!!! They grow up too fast!

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