Monday, August 24, 2009

Last Days of Summer-First Days of School

Last week was one of those weeks that deserves a list. The square boxes on our calendar were so full there was NO ROOM for anything more. I have been at kind of a loss on what to blog about as everything seems kinda little in the larger picture of life. In fact I've been kinda bumming about how I feel that I don't really have a BIG purpose or focus right now. Maybe it's because there are so many "little" things I'm supposed to be treasuring and holding in my heart.
Here are a few highlights:

Last day of summer bug search:

Brayden's First Day of First Grade:

Easton's 4th B-day cake that we FINALLY had 4 days after baking it.
(Please excuse the red frosting that started to run. It was good, but would have been REALLY good on day 1--oh well, the Birthday Boy didn't seem to mind at least!)

Kindergarten shots (even though he's just starting Preschool this week--I'm sure there will be a blog post about this milestone for Mom ... er,I mean Easton.)

Hockey Travel Team Tryouts (Brayden is #9):

Belated birthday party at The Pl@yst@tion (the local hot spot for kids to catch germs ... I mean, to have fun.) I have no idea who the 2 other kids are in the photo but they kept insisting on posing for me and my 2 kids were not working together, so at least they were!

Nolan in the ball-pit (He looked like such a little peanut in there! But he had a blast!)

All good things and happiness which I thank God for allowing me to be a part of. I hope that He can use me outside the bounds of my immediate family as well. I guess that's the yearning I feel most in my heart right now. And that's not all bad either. It's drawing me closer to Him as I search out what all it can and should mean.


Tara Anderson said...

My blog entry today is about reading your blog entry today! :)

The Sanders Family said...

Hey Valerie! I will be praying for God to reveal ways He desires to use you in the world outside the realm of your family. But don't discount the ways he using you in your family too! You're a blessing!

Also, might wanna rethink the shirts the boys are wearing in photo one. What's up with that? Go ISU!

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