Wednesday, August 5, 2009

No Super-hero Needed

After 10 days with a husband in China and parenting our three boys solo through T-ball and hockey practice, slip n' slide afternoons and countless sibling battles while also watching a couple of friends' children throughout the week I finally was planning on "coasting" through the afternoon on Thursday and Friday until I picked up Jeff at the airport on Saturday.

Funny how flashbacks of Sunday's service on not "coasting" through life kept flashing to mind ... and although I don't think God minds us having some down time to regroup and refresh I was reminded that maybe I really wasn't all that stressed out or in need of a true "coast."

One phone call on a Thursday afternoon changed my focus and direction and instead of cruising through the weekend I found myself on the phone with a dear family friend whom my husband had grown up with who had called to let us know that his mom was about to meet Jesus after a long and difficult battle with cancer. Suddenly I wasn't so focused on myself and any sort of tiredness I might have thought I was entitled to having. Instead of whining about not being a super-hero in the eyes of my children or husband I was in a whirlwind of packing for a family of 5 including a husband who would touch down from a truly tiring journey from half way around the world and immediately stuff himself into a van and travel another 8 hours North to an emotionally draining event that we knew was coming but still were praying for a miracle of healing.

It was a beautiful, beautiful celebration not only for Roxane's life but even more for Jesus. He was the focus of her being ... in everything she did and thought. Her biggest wish was not that everyone would be at her funeral but that her funeral would be a testimony for Jesus and that so many would be touched and be saved. Even down to the last thing she could have her hands in on this Earth she wanted it to matter on an Eternal level. Her wish was that each and every person would be THERE with Jesus in the end. She is an incredible woman and will be missed so much by so many and I cannot say enough about how she did things that made a difference even without knowing it.

It is wonderful to have Jeff home again ... and for us to be home again too. As tired as I thought I may have been last week though it compared nothing to the end of the week when I found myself on a journey up North to spend time in an already emotionally charged situation staying with my argumentative MIL who truly does not like me and I was reminded of some truths: What really matters is Jesus above all else, we need to be kind even to the unlovely and unlovable and that when we don't think we can take one more step all we have to do is lean on Him for strength and He will provide. No super-hero position is open or available for me. He is the only super hero and the only super hero we need.

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Tara Anderson said...

I'm glad that Jeff is home and hope that you all get some time to "coast" soon! I'm sorry for the loss of your friend, but I rejoice with you in knowing that she has gone HOME and that we will all be celebrating with her in glory one day! Isn't it awesome how Jesus consistently reminds us that HE is all we need?!?! Awe-mazing!

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