Thursday, August 27, 2009

Rice Bowls

I started collecting these blue and white rice pattern bowls sometime in late High School or early college. (They're probably a dime a dozen in China ... but I find them so cool.) From what I've read (which to be honest is off of a g@@gle search) is that the pattern is made by putting actual grains of rice on the porcelain before it is glazed and fired. Now, as the daughter of a ceramic artist and an artist myself it's no wonder I'm unexplicitly drawn to these! Then figure in my fascination with China and walah ... yet another thing I collect.

I first spotted them in an antique shop and my mom surprised me with them at Christmas ... can it be about 17+ years ago already?! (oh my goodness ... lets put away the numbers and stop counting!) What caught my eye about them was the translucent "rice" designs embedded in the porcelain. And the way the light seemed to almost glow through them. It was kinda magic to me.

When I married Jeff in 2000 so many of my special things were packed up from my apartment and just haven't found a way out of their boxes (especially now that we have 3 VERY ACTIVE boys who love balls and running ... not good for breakables.)

However, with Jeff's recent trip to Shanghai one of the gifts that he brought back for me was a small very beautiful egg-shell painting. Since his arrival back had us on the fast giddy-up to attend a family funeral I hadn't taken the time to ooo-and-ahhh over it like I should have ... until recently. I wanted to find a special spot for it to remind us of a special place far to the East. It was then that I remembered my rice bowls and set out to find them. I think I have 2 more of them but they are remaining illusive right now. As a family of things from the past and present it really makes a cool collection which I look forward to expanding. The more I unpack boxes that I've had put away, the more things I find that I've unknowingly collected and learned about from China. If I ever get a China cabinet (that has been on my "Wish List" for 9+ years now) I have a few neater bowls to add into the mix too. These are courtesy of my Great Aunt Ruza, an opera singer, who traveled to China in the 1950's. She was a fascinating person that I didn't have the chance to get to know during her lifetime but with whom I think I would have had many similarities. When she passed away she left her piano to me along with many other artsy things including fascinating letterpress books (another passion of mine).

Isn't it neat how God uses threads throughout our lives to weave the tapestry that becomes the unique design He has always had planned for us? In awe and amazed ... always.


Tara Anderson said...

What a lovely collection! So many beautiful things come out of China! :)

The Sanders Family said...

Wow! Your fascination with China really has a history. And how cool that your Great Aunt was an opera singer! My goodness, I think the Lord is trying to tell you something!

Jenn said...

Such pretty bowls! I learned something new today! :)


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