Thursday, August 13, 2009

The year of the screeching tiger?

We went out to eat last night with another one of Jeff's co-workers that is now here visiting from China. The older boys were good, but Nolan was a screeching tiger ... oh my goodness and I eventually just had to hold his squirmy little guy body while trying to cut a super hot pizza for my 4 year old just to keep him quiet. Normally that would be great! I love that... but of course he didn't want to stop there. He quickly tired of that and soon wanted to crawl ... of course toward the 7000 degree pizza ovens near the open kitchen. (The architect did not consider kids when he/she designed that layout!)

Nolan has gotten a bee in his britches during the last week to assert himself. He is usually so easy going. Yesterday morning he decided to be a cat and crawl from the couch to the flimsy antique table next to it (it's about 3 feet high and holds a basket of silk flowers.) The first time I got him in time, the second time he crashed to the floor. (Table did not break and neither did he.) Oh my. I resorted to eating an entire Hershey's bar by 11am this morning as a means to keep up with his energy.
"Gee Mom, it can't be me that you're talking about can it?"

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The Sanders Family said...

Oh Valerie, I'm sure that you're just making it up. Nolan wouldn't do any of those things, the perfect little angel, he he. Funny how even the most easy going of guys can give you a hard time sometimes, isn't it!?! Hang in there...I'm sure he'll be back to his laid back self soon :) What a cutie pie!

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The family