Saturday, September 5, 2009

Back Up and Running.

I was able to fix my MAC Mail system this afternoon. Yay! It took a bit of work and feeling like I was knee deep in techie-jargon. But I managed to do it and I feel pretty good about it too. Feel free to email me at my regular address. Thanks for humoring me during this technical difficulty. Now I need (some sleep and) to figure out PhotoShop@'s problem and then hopefully I can relish the bliss of being only one step behind in upgrades (as I just heard the newest upgrade came out Aug. 28th.) Man, just when I thought I was hip and with it I fall behind.


Girly Girl Mommy said...

Good for you for having the ability to figure it all out. I cringe with anything tech related and just keep my fingers crossed that everything I need to work keeps working.

Tara Anderson said...

So glad you got it all figured out!!!

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The family