Monday, September 28, 2009

Color Me Patina

Okay, you dear hearts have requested some photos. Thanks for humoring me! Suggestions are always welcome. Here are some photos of the FAVORITE wall in my house. The pictures do not capture the color quite right unfortunately. It is such a beautiful shade of green, not too dark or too green, just a whispery light pine green with a breath of creamy whiteness to let it flow so nicely with the oak woodwork. Truly next time you're at Lowe's@ stop and get a paint chip of "Patina" in the Signature EddieBauerCollection. The wall I painted is the one the door is on with the framed photographs and the painting (done by my Great Great Aunt Vlusta Marty in the early 1900's.) I'm not sure if I should paint another wall too or not. The bedroom flows into the sink area and the closet is behind the wall with the painting. There are few separations between rooms throughout the house as it is very open. Upstairs we have a loft that overlooks the living room and also our bedroom is open looking over a ledge down into the living room. It may sound bizarre ... but it is a very warm, home-y environment. And we like it. We designed it to be a timber frame but built it with conventional construction (a few less "cha-chings" that way!)

This photo is taken from the loft across toward our bedroom. You can kinda see the oak trim of the ledge. Oh yes, and the tip of an elk antler from a previous elk hunt. Sorry this one is so dark.

And to answer the question as to why we have an opening on one side of our bedroom? This is the view from our bedroom down into the living room and you can kinda see the loft adjacent to our bedroom. It's supposed to be a toy area for now ... but when it grows up we hope it's a neat work/reading area. The fireplace is so cozy to watch in the winter time, especially at night even if you just kinda see the glow. Our home has an abundance of cozy I guess and walls just kinda seemed to stop the flow of it.

You'll also notice the abundance of white on the walls throughout the other photos. I'm somewhat partial to accent walls especially since some of ours are quite tall (17 feet.) yikes. Those will probably remain white for a good while.

My next project? The entryway wall opposite the front door. I'm going to paint it "Khaki" in the same EB line. "Barley" was SO close to being my choice ... it is a wonderful color! But I chickened out that it might be too dark. So for a second opinion I asked my four year old (good idea?) and he chose this color ... twice.


TanyaLea said...

Love the color!!'s very close to what I have in our family room. I think you should continue it on through your entire bedroom... it's not too dark, so I think it would just cozy it up. Love it!!

And your stone fireplace is gorgeous. Perfect for snuggling up on those cool northern winter evenings!!

And to answer your earlier question... yes, I have my own business doing interior redesigns and staging model homes for builders...though staging has definitely decreased with the market, but the redesigns are still going pretty strong. PTL!

Have a blessed week and thanks for all the great fabric links... I'm having too much fun perusing through them!! :)


sara said...

What a beautiful color!! I love your fireplace too!

You are too sweet about my pictures. They are just Straight Out Of The Camera (SOCC) I don't do anything special, don't have any post processing programs (adobe, lightroom) I would LOVE to get better, take a class, get some nice equipment :) Can't convince the hubs though!!

Glad to finally "meet" you here!

Tara Anderson said...

Beautiful color! You definitely made the right choice...and I'm sure your "khaki" will work out as well! :) Such a beautiful home you is clearly a place where the family gathers together in love. Perfect!

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The family