Saturday, September 12, 2009

Green Kit-Kat Bars and Ham?

Would you could you with a mouse? Would you could you on a house? Would you could you eat green kit-kat bars?

This was a recent test for our kids as Dad was lucky enough to bring them home this treat from China via his co-workers that are visiting here throughout the past few weeks. They look like a normal kitkat ... but they are VERY green ... and also they are VERY good! If you find the opportunity to try one you should. The package says (in Chinese, so I'm trusting the person who told me is telling me the truth since I cannot read Chinese) that they contain green tea ... and hey, isn't that WAY healthy for you? Takes eating candy bars to a different level!

I think it tastes like white chocolate or almond bark, but it's very good regardless. My son who does NOT like chocolate (gasp, I know ... he is MY son though amazingly enough) really liked these. My other son who LOVES chocolate was a VERY hard sell on trying them, although after several days he finally caved and tried them and found out like Sam in "Green Eggs n' Ham" that they really are good!
Nolan, our 1 year old, was happy to eat it regardless of the color or really if it was even food! (HA!)

We've gotten to try many interesting new things thanks to Jeff's traveling co-workers, like these spicy noodles that I totally could not eat with chop sticks and that really cleaned out my sinuses because of the heat and another candy called "Pastilles of Wild Jujube." Ah, the jujube ... I've never tried that before. I am looking forward to tomorrow and trying some Moon cakes that we received as a gift too. They sound really good! I'm also hoping that the lunch I am hostessing turns out well. Yikes ... I just don't have as much practice as I would like at this kind of thing. I'm serving a good ol' midwestern Sunday Pot Roast dinner followed by a delicious Harvest Apple-Pecan Cheesecake. If nothing else, the cheesecake will be good because it's chillin' in the fridge as we speak.

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Michele said...

Interesting. I am not so sure about green kit kat bars. I kind of put that right up there with shrimp flavored pringles.

Regular kit kats and pringles for me, please! LOL.

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