Sunday, September 27, 2009

Happy Sunday

I am at home today with my husband who just returned from a 10 day elk hunting trip out West and my boys--all of whom are sleeping.
He was not eaten by bears (thank you God!) But he did not harvest any elk either (bummer) and the balance of the family (me and the kids) survived pretty well coming through a nasty sore throat, coughing yuck thing that hit the night he left. Brayden is sick now and is miserable just as a side note.

But while Jeff was gone I was able to paint our bedroom (1 accent wall) a GORGEOUS color! It's the first time I've painted and actually ended up liking the color. Thank you Stefanie and Tara for the suggestion of The Eddie Bauer Signature line at Lowes! I went with a green hue called "Patina" and it is SO beautiful. I have found myself going to my room just to sit and look at the wall! I know that's sad and pathetic, but we have lived here 9.5 years and have only painted 2 bathrooms and the dining room, which turned out to be such a subtle color you can barely tell it's different than the rest of the "Colorado White" in the rest of the house. To finally find a color I like, well, it just leaves me so happy!

While online recently looking for some fabric I found this design that found a happy place in my heart. It sums up how I feel right now. However, with 3 boys I don't suppose OUR household will be using it very soon (not being cars, dinosaurs or sports) ... but I just might have to buy some to have in my stash I love it so much! You just never know when you might need a sunshiny flower to brighten the day and I think any project made with this would make any little girl feel so special.
P.S., where the above swatch is from, has Incredible fabrics especially for kids! ... dig around a bit and you will find TONS of super cute ladybugs, flowers, dragon flies, frogs, monster trucks, girly girl prints and boy themes galore. There are even some chinese character batiks that brought me to the site originally while I was searching for some special material for a bai jia bei quilt for my blog-friend Tanya! It's an incredible fabric resource. Enjoy!


Tara Anderson said...

Cute fabric! Kinda makes me wish I knew how to sew. :)

I don't know if I could survive without that Eddie Bauer line from Lowe's! LOL! Glad you found a color that you're happy with...I love the varying shades of green!

The Sanders Family said...

I'll definitely have to try the eddie bauer line at Lowe's. Thanks for the suggestion. It's so hard picking our paint colors sometimes, and next on our docket for house renovation is the main level, so paint colors will be needed soon hopefully!

Glad you love your new wall :) And glad Jeff is home safely. Sorry about Brayden. Gabe did mention he was feeling sick at church. Hope he gets well soon!!!

Girly Girl Mommy said...

Oh, do post a picture of your wall!! I just love the way color makes a room come alive. I'm a big fan of paint. I'm almost out of walls in our home. I'm a Benjamin Moore paint gal, myself. May have to go look at Lowes...hmmm....

TanyaLea said... DID decide to post about that fabric!...It's darling! ;)

And I also think you should post your new paint job...I would love to see how it turned out. It's amazing how much paint can completely change and update the feel of a room. I'm with Kelly on being a Benjamin Moore fan. I started using their consultation kits for my clients, and I got hooked myself...but it's pretty spendy. Though I don't think the Eddie Bauer line is much less, if any. I know that Stefanie uses the Lowe's Velspar collection, and just does a color match with the EB line...and she really likes how thick it is and claims that it covers in one I may have to give that a try sometime, too! I haven't painted Khloe's room yet, so we'll see!?!

Have a blessed week!!! <><

Gretchen said...

I agree with Tanya, you need to post a picture of your bedroom! I love to paint and every room in my house is a different color!! I too have sat after many a paint job just to stare at my work. It never gets old to me.

BTW, I too am making a quilt for Ashlyn...hint hint (smile)

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