Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Kids make life so sunny!

Easton is loving preschool! What a praise, especially after his first day last week. Today he was such his sunny, happy, funny self and after having a spur of the moment bread and butter picnic in the church parking lot he was set to do some traveling.

Let me back up a moment here. Easton has half day preschool. So while he was away today Nolan and I took a quick trip to the local greenhouse to diagnose the Crabgrass plaguing our lawn and also for me to pick out some ideas for plants around the house (that I'll probably never buy or decide on, but it's fun to look.) So, we finish the shopping/looking and picked Easton up but when we got closer to our driveway we noticed that the County was in the process of digging up the culvert under our driveway as we've noticed a HUGE sink hole growing massively under it since spring. (We called them in May not knowing when they would get to it ... well, today was the day.) Luckily I had just bought a loaf of bread and a tub of butter right before picking up our little preschooler. Perfect for a picnic :-) But I'm not sure what the folks at the church must think of us--what an odd place for a picnic!

Anyway, after the bread and butter we made our way home and checked out our new driveway-yay! No sink holes to lose children or horses in! And being the mom of boys who LOVE trucks we spent some time watching the digger clear the ditches on both sides of the driveway. The boys were mesmerized by it! But between the arrival home and the driveway checkup Easton exchanged his backpack for a small suitcase that he totes around the house now and again and after a small time packing exclaimed, "Well! I'm going to China!"
What a hoot!
I guess because that was the last place Jeff went he was thinking obviously he should go too. Maybe that's the new hot spot.
Kids are so wonderful!


TanyaLea said...

Glad there are no holes to lose kids in anymore! And a bread and butter picnic... doesn't get any better than that, LOL! ;o) Aren't you glad that it doesn't take much to make kids happy!?!

Tara Anderson said...

Glad you got your driveway fixed! I hate having to wait on the county...city...whoever to do what needs done. What a pain! Still, the blessing of an impromptu bread-and-butter picnic was worth it, I'm sure.

The "trip to China" thing is TOO funny. Fortunately, Andrew doesn't travel much anymore, but I remember a time when he was ALWAYS coming to Dallas for some sort of meeting. My kids thought every plane was going to Texas because everytime we went to the airport (with Andrew or our families) they were always coming from Texas or going to Texas! Too funny!

The Sanders Family said...

I've been meaning to ask you how Easton has been liking preschool. Glad to hear it's an improvement from the first day! Cooper has mentioned Easton a lot when he talks about preschool :)

Glad you got your driveway fixed, even though it did take awhile. Maybe you could call your local county supervisor and complain, or I could just pass on the message for ya ;)

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The family