Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Lil' Dancer

I've been cleaning off my computer for the past few days/weeks in preparation for upgrading my OS system (and potential problems that may arise afterwards) and decided to get super serious about it tonight. So I'm burning CD's of folders I didn't even know I still had and yet cannot part with. Oh I wish I wasn't such a sentimental pack rat!

I did come across this artwork that I saved a screenshot of a few years ago and wanted to share it in case it "sings" to anyone else too. I just think it is the sweetest! I don't think the link is active currently but they might be opening a new site OR maybe you can google off of the title or artist. Try clicking on this one if you want to see the website or other info a little better. It'd be great if someone benefited from my packrat tendencies!

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The Sanders Family said...

I'm glad you are a sentimental packrat! I loved it when you sent Cooper's St. Luke's announcement just before Gavin was born! Made me cry, really.

I love this picture too! If only the little dancer had auburn-colored hair like Chloe, I'd buy it in a heartbeat! Or maybe I could try to get a real photo of Chloe doing something similar. Should be pretty simple to get a two-year-old active little girl to twirl in a field, right? lol.

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