Sunday, September 13, 2009

Love Without Boundaries-Check This Out!

In 2004 Love Without Boundaries Foundation published "Love's Journey: A Collage of the China Adoption Experience". Parents from around the world submitted photos, essays, and poems about what their adoption experiences meant to them. This beautiful, heartfelt book raised over $100,000 to help orphaned children in China. LWB used the funds to help heal heart babies, to help begin foster care programs, to support school programs, to buy needed medicines and supplies, and so much more. They affectionately began calling some of their medical kids "book babies," as time and time again they would use the funds from this book to help change their lives forever.

"Love's Journey 2: The Red Thread" is their second volume in this series. This new volume uses the imagery of "the red thread," a popular belief in the adoption community, to show how our lives become entwined with our children's, as adoption weaves a beautiful tapestry of love and family. The moving photos and essays in this volume, again submitted by parents from around the world, talk about discovering the thread that connects us with our adoptive children, weaving the fabric as our children become integrated into our families, and cherishing the intricate tapestry that evolves.

Love Without Boundaries is giving its supporters an opportunity to receive this book for no charge (except for $5 shipping) simply by telling others about their organization. To receive your book, please visit the LWB website ( and follow their instructions on how you can receive YOUR copy of this great book!

You may remember this post about a quilt I made for the Love Without Boundaries' Art Auction last Spring. This auction that helps to defray medical costs for heart babies in China's orphanages was an event that spurred me to start a family blog page and it was incredible to be a contributor for such a worthy cause and to link 2 things so close to my heart. It is a wonderful organization changing lives forever. It is also the organization that provided Lei with her cleft lip surgery in Shanghai in April. What a precious child she is and I pray that she is on her way to her forever family and that this family will show her such deep love and also teach her of her Heavenly Father's deep love for her! Please check out LWB website and dare to share all that you have been so richly blessed with!
"We love ... because He first loved us." 1 John 4:19

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TanyaLea said...

VALERIE!!!...You are a GREAT quilter. I thought you said you were just 'okay'!?! Silly girl! You were just being modest! ;o)

That's great that you shared your talent for such a wonderful cause. And Lei is such a pretty little girl... have you seen any recent update photos of her. She looked amazing after her sugery!! God is GOOD!!! <><


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