Monday, September 21, 2009

Mom and Me

My 15 month old is toddling around my knees as I type this, gurbbling into the toy plastic cell phone, "Dad, dad, dad, dad." I'm sure he's waiting confidently to hear his dad's voice at any moment just as he heard it come from the real phone not that long ago.
It never ceases to amaze me how these wonderful bundles of blessings I hold as sons L*O*V*E their dad! Well, so do I. It is absolutely amazing though how they yearn for him in BIG and small ways especially when he is gone whether for work or hunting with the guys or travel for work. Sure, they would probably miss me too if I were ever gone ... but rarely am I ... in fact, not only am I rarely gone, I'm not even sure if we still have a bathroom door since it has ceased to remain closed when I'm in there since having children it seems! Children are a blessing that is for sure and I savor and relish them much of the time because I know it is so brief that I will be able to hold them so close.

But the real reason for this post isn't really about my sons or my husband or my relationship with my kids. But really about my own mom. We haven't always been totally in-sync ... but we've always gotten along for the most part and did so many things together because we had so many interests that were the same. And not only that, ever since I was a wee child I've heard from family and friends how very much I remind them of my mom when she was younger. That's not necessarily music to a teenager's ears. But, now that I am older I think it's pretty generous for people to have seen such a huge resemblance. Keep in mind my mom was a size zero when she was married ... I have never been a size zero, not even when I was in grade school! She had LONG gorgeous brown hair ... I may have long hair but I have and will continue to be hairstyle challenged. And I'm 5'10" and my mom is about 5'6" So we're far from carbon copies of one another. But I must admit that quietly inside I found it to be a deep compliment and enjoyed this visual link that people found between us and which I had nothing to do with nor could I stop. But I guess ultimately it made me feel like I belonged.

Once when I was around 14 a relative (who I don't really know) sat in amazement as he watched me and said, "this can't be, but I know I rode the school bus with you about 25 years ago!" It kinda freaked me out ... but it made me kinda laugh too once the whole idea sunk in and realizing that he didn't really mean that he thought that but that I looked like my mom who rode the school bus with him back in the day. And this summer at a family reunion my mom's dear cousin Bonnie was just beside herself with giddiness feeling like she was in her 30's again I think. She came up to me and confessed that she felt a strange bond to me even though we probably had never spoken before. She and my mom had grown up together and I'm sure meeting me was a reminder of yesterday. Even if in reality time somewhat has blurred the details to be more similar than the truth.

Recently on a fellow blogger's site I was noticing a similar likeness between another mother and her daughter (and I wasn't the only one who noticed!) I just find it neat how God creates us all as individuals and yet he has a heart that knows how we enjoy feeling like we truly belong, even on small human levels, even beyond the surface.

My mom (around age 25)

Me (around age 25)

P.S. My sister who is blonde, fair skinned and blue-eyed had me convinced when I was little that I was adopted after being left on their doorstep. (chuckle) What do you think? possible? I think I was a little gullible. Too funny.


Tara Anderson said...

I think you and your Mom look every bit as much alike as the other mother/daughter pair mentioned! :)

Firefly Photo Jewelry said...

OMGOSH!!!! Do you ever look the same! It showed your mom's picture on my google reader and was sure it was you and wondered why it was b/w....How fun to hear other's think you are one.

TanyaLea said...

There are SO many similarities in your facial features, that it would be easier to try and find something that "isnt't" the same... NO QUESTION that you are mother and daughter!! :) ...both of you are beautiful!


p.s.>> I'm 5'10" too!! :)

The Sanders Family said...

Oh my goodness, I can see why so many people have seen the resemblance between you and your mom! That's amazing! Beautiful photos of a beautiful mother and daughter team!

{PS...I don't think I'll be getting these comments about Chloe and I. I was actually thinking of doing a post about how much she is getting to look like her daddy!}

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