Monday, September 14, 2009

Photo of Camp Wyoming

Remember a few days ago when I blogged about my friend Shawna and her realization that I was her Church Camp Counselor when she was a young'un. (It was a post on Sept. 8th)
Here's the Camp Counselor story from Shawna's blog. SHE HAS WRITTEN IT SO BEAUTIFULLY on her blog and included a lovely photo. Oh the '90's were fun with the big hair, neon colors and paisley lined yolk front shorts. HA! I'm sure you'll have no problem spotting me (I'm in the white staff shirt and the fanny pack of emergency counselor items like band aids.) Shawna is at the opposite end on the top row.
What a blessing to be a counselor, to meet Shawna, to have this story revealed to us and to share it! I truly believe as Shawna pointed out, God does this all the time we just may not realize it and how cool it is. Check out Shawna's cool etsy@ site where she markets her wonderful Firefly Photo Jewelry.

Also please read the previous post about LWB. What a great opportunity to bless youself AND the life of an orphan!

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