Saturday, September 5, 2009

Upgrading woahs ... and yays

Update: I cannot figure out what's wrong with my regular email at this time ... LUCKILY I have a fallback. Please use my gmail account if you'd like to contact me until I can figure out my other account. Thanks.

I FINALLY upgraded my OS system after waiting as long as humanly possible. I don't like change ... but the loss of the ability to hear even my own pl@ylist, not being able to post comments on a growing number of blogsites and finally not being able to run programs finally sent me over the edge. Just to show you how strongly I did not want to back everything up and upgrade on nothing more than a wing and a prayer ... I have not been able to print for a year and a half because the new printer we got in the Spring of 2008 was not compatable with my older system.

A YEAR AND A HALF without printing ... this is from the desktop of a GRAPHIC DESIGNER ... it's like being mute! (chuckle.) Now I need to find that printer install cd, hmmmm, wonder where that is. Not to mention that my Ph@toshop is now not working. I love that progam and will definitely need to work out the kinks to get that running again. I wonder if the program that I use to create my Vinyl Lettering still works? Oh boy. It may be a long weekend ... seriously named Labor Day for this gal.

Anyway, the biggest loss known so far from this upgrade is my mailbox. I totally overlooked backing that up. So all the awesome emails that I've had during the last 4 years are gone. Including the ones saying hello to the birth of my sons as well as all the cool things that have been emailed to me lately. For that I am bummed ... but I once had someone tell me that you must have room in order to grow. Perhaps this was one way to get there. If you emailed me and I haven't responded please try again ... I'm not sure if my email is even working as my IN BOX is empty ... and it's 3am, not a lot of people awake at this hour. Well, maybe in China. Hello, China ... send me an email and let me know my mailbox works?! HA!

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Tara Anderson said...

I'm so glad you've gotten updated and are able to enjoy the blog world at its fullest now! Hopefully you can find a way to retrieve your messages from your Inbox! I hate it that you lost them! I'm so sentimental about that kind of stuff...I know you're hating it. Sorry :(

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