Monday, October 5, 2009

Benjamin Waits and a Chance

Remember the fund-raiser for Drew (see his button on the sidebar) that was held just about a month ago? Well, from that fund raiser I was blessed to win one of the seven prizes! (A gift certificate that I have yet to fill with Girly Girls Bowtique. DON'T you laugh at this mom of all boys. I am a girly girl and maybe need this girl-boost most of all after hanging deer stands all weekend with my boys!--see post below from yesterday.) I still am in deep happiness and disbelief over my name being drawn AND in the fact that they exceeded their goal for this portion of their paperwork! Yay! (and as a sidenote, the dad has now been called back to work and with OT income!)

Well, another fund-raiser was brought to my attention earlier this month for another little boy awaiting his family. At the time I didn't forward a link on through my blog since I didn't know the family or have a connection to their adoption story and I didn't want to become known as "the chip-in" connection blogsite. But it's kinda lingered in the back of my mind everyday nudging at me until it was brought again to the forefront yesterday. This little boy may not be someone my family knows ... but he is part of the larger "family" of God, and he is WAITING for his parents to love him and hold him and I really feel compelled to pass along the link. I do have the opportunity to be a part of his adoption story. Maybe you too will take advantage of having a chance at the really neat prizes by entering your name for a chance to win by mentioning it on your blog or chipping in too! ... Maybe God will bless this family because of a prayer you say for them ... maybe their story will just stick in the back of your mind and be an encouragement for you down the road to also step out in faith on behalf of the least of these. Benjamin waits ... and this is your chance to help make a difference and be a part of a larger story.

Please check out this blog and the story of this family that is having an A-mazing fundraiser to bring home their little boy, Benjamin James. Benjamin waits for the Leonard Family in Luoyang, Henan. This is their third child through adoption and by the sounds of it has a pretty cool story of referral so very close in timeframe to his new-to-be older sister. The raffle is going on until the third week of October (DRAWING TO BE HELD ON OCT. 22) and there are TONS of great prizes - including some beautiful Vera Bradley, $100 worth of Mary kay, some handmade jewelry, a $100 visa card & my personal favorite - PEARLS from the Pearl Market in Guangzhou :) So not only can you help a family bring home a little boy from the other side of the world, you can win some great stuff for yourself! Last I checked there was plenty of opportunity to chip-in and have great odds at winning. Quite honestly, I'd deal with having less odds of winning due to more entries! Check it out today! Come on ... I know you're curious! And if I become known as the adoption chip-in connection, SO BE IT!


Tami said...


Thank you so much for your kind comment and for following along while we were in China. I still have posts from our trip I want to catch up on....*sigh* you was difficult given we had literally no communication with the outside world for the 5 days we were in her province, and then all the emotional issues that were going on...oh wel...some day.

Your boys are beautiful!! I hope you do get to adopt someday...when the time is right...I'm assuming a girl??

Have a great week...God bless!


TanyaLea said...

Well Valerie,

It's no secret how much I love your heart for these children. God is going to bless you in big ways, this I know!!

Have a blessed week, Ms.Chip-In!! (;
Exactly one of the things I love about you!!! are such a giver! <><

Girly Girl Mommy said...

Whenever you are ready to pick out your prize I'm here!!

Thanks for passing this family story on. I know personally I have been truly blessed following strangers journeys and contributing to adoption funds of children I'll never know this side of heaven. Something about every story I come across reaches a part of my soul and becomes a new thread in my innermost being God is weaving into MY story. So continue to pass the info on!!

The family

The family