Sunday, October 18, 2009

Bun Seeds

We had a BIG day yesterday of events that included an afternoon at the small airport at a local town where my husband was hosting a department get-together. Never mind that the 60 degree beautiful weather that was forecast was actually cloudy, windy and more like 42-ish! BUT ... it was fun. We dressed warm (and warmed up now and again in the office which they may not have totally appreciated! ha!) We had the choice to go for a small plane ride in the 4 seater plane (although the kids and I were all too chicken.) And the food was fantastic thanks to the international group that Jeff's department is comprised of! Seriously, there is someone from Ethiopia, India, China, and probably 3 other countries ... oh yes and a couple other Americans. Since I was holding onto a frozen Nolan all afternoon I wasn't able to try too much of the food ... but the Chinese-soy-chicken that Tony brought was DELICIOUS!

We brought some American food ... from Arby's* (We provided the meat since we were hosting) along with a way-yummy zucchini spice cake (and I'd be glad to share the recipe.) Did you know you can bulk order the meat, buns and sauce from Arby's*? It's very popular around graduation time and it is SO good and a nice change from sloppy joes or ham or grilling out!

Because of the weather and the other great food, and over-estimating on our part, we had a good amount leftover which we enjoyed today. Easton was absolutely hilarious as he took out one of their fantastic buns ... oh I love him! He can have the silliest fun comments sometimes that just warm my mommy heart to the core! We usually buy the store-brand cheaper-by-the-dozen buns that are seedless. So when he saw these GIGANTIC buns with seed on them he was SO EXCITED! --Imagine his little-4 year old eye-brows as high as they can go, his eyes wide with excitement and his voice exclaiming, "MOM! LOOK! Bun Seeds! We can plant them! And grow buns!"

He was SO serious too! I got such a chuckle out of it ... and it stuck with me all afternoon as I mowed the lawn for the last time this year (which is a good hour plus long job.) So, when I came inside I HAD to get a photo of him and his bun to hopefully make this memory stick in my mind FOREVER! And of course, we gathered up a bunch of seeds, went outside, and planted them. I hope we get a bun-tree to grow! That will be really exciting! I'll keep you updated on that this Spring. ;-)


Tara Anderson said...

Let me know how that bun tree progresses! LOL! I love the minds of children!!! And, just for the record...I'm jealous of that yard of yours! We lived in a small city (very agricultural) in South Carolina and we had a HUGE lot despite the fact that we were in a subdivision. Now, however, we are on a postage stamp and missing all that room!

The Sanders Family said...

Oh, I love this! Easton is such a little cutie pie :-) I hope your seeds grow lots of buns for that little sweetie!!

Cooper says the funniest, strangest, most random things too, and it just makes me laugh. It must be that second or middle child personality we were talking about yesterday!

Isn't it great to have a blog where we can record these comments they make and never forget them!!!

Girly Girl Mommy said...

Bun seeds!!! That just gave me the biggest grin after an oh so long day. I love their little minds that just work so genuinely. That story is a keeper!!

TanyaLea said...

This was a PERFECT thing to blog about... BUN SEEDS! Soooooooooo funny! :) I love the serious little random things that come forth from the mouths of babes! CRACKS.ME.UP!!! Can't wait to see how that 'bun tree' grows... be sure to keep us posted. I hope you took photos of the 'planting'!! ;) LOL!!!

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