Thursday, October 1, 2009

Join Operation Giggle

If you haven't heard about "Operation Giggle" already you really MUST click on the button on my sidebar with that name. What an incredible opportunity to reach out half way across the world and warm the hearts of children on Christmas morning! And not only will you be bringing the joy of giving to a special little one but also giving to yourself. By sharing just a small portion of the deep and rich blessings that you have been entrusted you will be filled with so much love. AND you get to shop for toys!

You can meet the children by clicking here and you can request a specific child (unless someone has beat you to them.) But with around 50 beautiful children there is bound to be someone special you could shower with love. (If you click on their photos you will learn a little bit more about each of these precious sweeties!)

I cannot wait until Christmas morning as my chlildren unwrap their gifts. But my mind won't just be focused on them ... I will be thinking of the little package that I sent far away long before that day and the anticipation of a child who is opening that Christmas gift, perhaps his or her very first gift ever, and how much excitement and love will grow from it. I am already giddy just waiting to hear who I'll be matched with and I can't wait to start shopping for them. I pray that there will be such an overwhelming response that all the children will be matched with their own very special donor and all the shipping will be covered and then some. JOIN IN THE BLESSING TODAY!


Tara Anderson said...

For the first time in a LONG time, I feel like a kid at Christmas!!! Shopping for "Operation Giggle" is going to be so fun...but knowing that those kids are going to have such a wonderful Christmas makes it even better!!!

TanyaLea said...

I'm so excited about OG...what a WONDERFUL outreach. It takes so little to make such a big difference and put a HUGE smile on a much deserving child's face. I can't wait to see photos of that special day!!

Thanks for posting about this! (:

The Sanders Family said...

How great! Thanks for bringing it to my attention. I will definitely be taking part in this. What a great way to include the kiddos and teach them about other children who don't have gifts at Christmas time unless we help. Giving gifts to other less fortunate kids last year really had an impact on Gabe, so he'll really appreciate this too. Thanks!

The family

The family