Saturday, October 3, 2009

New tunes

Anybody just tired of the same songs on the blog? (Maybe you're just tired of them and you turn them way down.) Well, turn 'em up because I just updated not only the songs but to a whole different mixer as they have such nicer tunes available! I absolutely heart these songs. When I was on another friends' site the other day I heard "Now What" by Steven Curtis Chapman and never having heard it before I just was so moved to tears. (The kind you don't want your kids to see because they'll think you're really hurt.) But then again ... I was. How can a song written by someone else probably long ago just speak to the heart in such a perfect way? God is just so cool in how he makes us love words and music and how it touches us so deeply at just the right moment.

Thank you so much for putting up with my streaming tunes ... I play them in the background all day long so I always have the songs I love right there.

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sara said...

I love OP (other people's) tunes!! I will oftentimes turn on others' blogs so I have background music for my day (my computer is in the kitchen - score!)

I think that is one of SCC's particular gifts - is not only singing/writing his heart, but knowing it will reach into others' hearts too!

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