Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Reminder, Fall Leaves & Pumpkins

Tomorrow (Oct. 22) is the final day for THIS raffle which I posted about earlier in the month. Just a reminder to check it out! Please pray for their journey. Maybe you can forego a lunch at Subway and instead settle for a PBJ sandwich or skip the fancy cup o' joe and have a nice glass of ice water or walk quickly past the aisle of Halloween candy and instead ChipIn $5 for Ben. It would be such a blessing. I'm hoping that their ChipIn thermometer has a glitch, otherwise I may have been the last contributor way back at the beginning of the month! I know times are tight, but if you read the story you can probably scratch up $5 that you wouldn't miss too too much ... and if that isn't enough, look through the prizes you'll be excited for a chance at some of those!

In other news, Easton and Nolan and I spent the early afternoon at the park yesterday for one last fling on the playground equipment before it gets too cold and rainy. And maybe we'll make it to the Pumpkin Patch today if the rain isn't too heavy. (Easton's preschool class will be going and Nolan and I may have to drop in!) I'll update with some photos when I get a moment. Hope you too can enjoy these fleeting days of autumn before the snow flies. And remember to look up into those beautiful fall colored leaves!


TanyaLea said...

Praise God for your servant's heart! I just asked my sister to do a post for them, too. She has a lot of traffic visit her blog, so I asked her to pray and consider writing a post for them, as the raffle ends tomorrow. Praying that big things happen for this family in the next 24+ hours!


The Sanders Family said...

Just made a donation Valerie...thanks for reminding me! I had meant to do it, but have no memory anymore :) Praying for more donations to finish it out big in the next day!!!

Michele said...

Somehow I missed this before? Anyway, thanks for posting it again! I just made a donation too! I hope they raise all they need! That is one sweet little guy!

Valerie and Jeff said...

You guys are the best! I hope they get more traffic in these last few hours too! Thanks for spreading the word through your site and your other connections. How cool is it to know that God is using you to be a part of the difference--especially for this family and for this little boy!

Blessings over you!

The family

The family