Monday, November 30, 2009

Click This-Before You Shop!

Don't forget that when you shop at to go through the Love Without Boundaries Am@zon icon at the bottom of their homepage, or through this link at New Day Foster Home. That way LWB or New Day Foster Home receives a small portion of the proceeds of your purchase!

If you're going to buy something through Am@zon anyway why not do it through this link so some beautiful children benefit too!
How COOL would that be! So very.
So very Merry!

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Sunday Snapshot-Nolan

He's sure to play peek-a-boo with you ...

And he LOVES to go outside ...

And always wants to be one of the guys (here they are discussing hockey strategy)

But he still loves to snuggle (and even loves to dance with Mom in the kitchen, although he has been working on some great solo dance moves as well.) (This is my sister, Nolan and I on Thanksgiving.)

Nolan is our little Gingerbread man. No, seriously! He's the same square proportion as one, he walks with those wobbly-strait legs like one probably would ... and he even likes it when I nibble on his ear! It's kinda become my funny saying lately to him ... especially when he's running away from me for a tease. "Run, run as fast as you can. You can't catch me I'm the gingerbread man."

He is definitely the cherry on the top of this boy-sundae in our house.

Ni Hao Y'all

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Now on the runway ... of our kitchen

The Scarlet Threads apron arrived in our mailbox today! I have to let you know that the packaging presentation was very nice. It even was wrapped in a celo-bag with a beautiful red ribbon tying on a sparkly printed "Scarlet Threads" tag. As if the apron wasn't enough, I liked the small details that made it even more of a gift!

Jeff said he'd hold it for a photo ... but didn't think he could pull off the "V" neckline in a photo. He left that for me. He did say it was the prettiest apron he'd seen. And quite honestly he meant it. The fabric is so beautifully pressed and is so crisp and well detailed in the gathering and the lace.

Jeff also prepared the boys, "Wow, we are in for some goooooood meals now let me tell ya!"
I hate to disappoint him too much, but I'm not sure if the apron comes with a promise of better cooking. (haha)

P.S. 3 things: You may notice the baby gate blocking off the birch tree from MN in the corner of our living room next to Nolan's rocking cow. Only in the midwest, right? Sorry. Should have tidied up the living room first. Oh, and the birch tree? No, it's no longer alive. So many visitors have asked if it is ... what a chuckle. I can barely keep my houseplants watered let alone a tree! Oh yes and you'll also chuckle at there being no ornaments on our tree from Nolan's height and below. Martha Stewart look away! (the horror.)

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

The Tinsel Spider

Meet Mr. Tinsel Spider.
He has hung on our tree for over 35 years. First at my home with my parents and brother and sister and now in our home where I am able to share his story with my three boys. I'm not sure if I made him when I was 3 or 4 and the actual story of how the spider spun the first tinsel for the baby Jesus is a little patchy. (I did a search on it and there are several versions out there. I prefer the one where the Tinsel Spider spun a beautiful web in the stable for the Baby Jesus. In the morning when the sun rose God had added some dew to make it sparkle.)

But I'm just glad he's still here and in "foam spider years" I have to guess he's quite ancient. His legacy began one year in Sunday School when our class (the youngest of the young in our very small church) made these styrofoam ball and pipe cleaner spiders. I loved mine with the googley eyes and the crazy legs oh so much. I'm going to venture a guess to say that many folks have a special ornament that makes their tree extra special every year. I'd love to hear about them.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Blessed and Thankful

Gifts for Philip

Gifts for Samuel

I FINALLY got the gift boxes for Samuel and Philip in the mail today off to the Operation Giggle headquarters. I love these little guys ... and well ... as much as I look forward to having them receive the gifts I am kinda sad that we're on to the second phase. The planning and anticipation was so fun. But, I simply cannot wait to hear how the whole project unfolds! Happy laughing and excited children will be such a joy to see and hear!

It's been a project for the entire family on our end ... and I'm glad to say that I think we've all grown from it. Jeff dealt with these presents scattered across our bedroom and closet for a month while I tried to decide what toys would be best and weren't too heavy. Nolan got to pick out toys for the first time ever for someone else. Easton had to deal with the fact that not all toys are for him! (Some tears were shed but I'm sure hearts have grown.) And this momma was so happy to hear Brayden mention out of the blue " ... the cute little guy at New Day" (his words) ... and how he was looking forward to him getting the presents. Oh yes, and not to forget me ... I actually got the mailing tape stuck to my lip while sealing the boxes. Just a word to the wise ... if you get mailing tape on your lip DO NOT pull it off casually. I lost all the skin on my lower lip kinda like if I had stuck it to a flag pole outside on a cold winter's day. I think I'm going to blame this on lack of sleep not feeling well. I don't want anyone to think I'm this clutzy usually.

I am praying that these little guys will love the gifts and that God was able to guide us to the ones that would be just right for them. But even more I hope this is the first of many memorable Christmases and that the Joy of Jesus will enter their hearts. We love having them as part of our family and I can't wait for the day that their forever family has their presents under their tree every year! I'm SO glad they were shared with us this year! What a blessing! And I am so thankful for being a part of their Christmas.
XXOO Love you little men!

Curious about what's in the packages?
Gifts for Philip

Gifts for Samuel (except the green tractor was too heavy ... I'm going to have to mail that for his birthday.)

Friday, November 20, 2009

Scarlet Threads Apron

Imagine my surprise when I opened my email this morning at 6am and saw that I had WON ...
this gorgeous, handmade apron from Scarlet Threads in China! (See post below from Nov. 13th about the competition/entry.)

I cannot believe it!
Thrilled. Moved. Skipping like a giddy school girl.
I am beyond words, not only because I'm still recovering from some tonsil issues (yeah, seriously I have the grossest tonsils in the world and should have had them removed 200+ sore throats ago) but because I seriously did not think I would have a shot in a million to win this! And I know so many of you wanted to win it too, and that stinks that you didn't--but if you stop by I'll let you wear it! I promise! OR you can add one to your Christmas List and choose your very own!

I am looking forward to receiving this treasure--and I will treasure it SO much! It is amazing how sweet this particular gift is to me. One, I love to bake and two, you may remember THIS post that I made earlier this summer about another special apron. And the resulting post HERE. I know God knew how special this would be to me. In fact yesterday, out of the blue while waiting for Brayden at hockey practice and entertaining E and N, I noticed this gorgeous coat another hockey mom was wearing. I actually stopped her to comment on it and she went on to tell me how she had it hand tailored just for her ... IN CHINA ... while visiting her brother-in-law and sister there. (Well, we then chatted for probably 30 minutes about China.) So my heart was already primed in the area of well tailored things and I am sure God is just smiling over this. Such a little thing, but such a big thing too. I will now have a daily reminder over my heart of something so special and so much bigger than my little world. No, I didn't get to travel to China to get it ... but it's like the next best thing.

**If you haven't checked out Scarlet Threads Aprons click on the blue type to link to it or click on the icon on the sidebar.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Dream With Me

“For YOU created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother’s womb. I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful I know that full well.” Psalm 139: 13-14

No ... not about being a buff beach runner. But about the "what if's."
Yesterday I could not get out of my mind an email that made me really stop and be extremely saddened (I'm not going to go into all of that.) However, I ended up finding this article about incredible advances in prosthetics. How incredible to think of the world that suddenly opens for those who benefit from the mobility that these devices provide! And my mind can't help but to think about and pray for a limitless future and potential for a certain little boy ... for whom I am packing a Christmas present right now. I am praying that God is preparing his forever family at this very moment ... and that they will not see him so much with a disability in what he doesn't have but instead sees him with the potential and the super-ability in all that he does have. Dream Big little man!

Watch the embedded clip below. It is an amazing talk that truly opens the mind to possibilities concerning prosthetics that I had not considered before. (Pause the music on the sidebar first.)
TED talk by Aimee Mullins: "How my legs give me super-powers."
See embedded link below. It is very inspiring! (there is one part that you may want to censor young eyes ... she is a cheetah in a movie and is not fully clad enough for most audiences, but it is a brief moment and the overall message is good.

(PS: it's my 100th post--what a special way to celebrate)

Depending on your internet connection you may want to view the talk at the following link so it flows better:
Athlete, actor and activist Aimee Mullins talks about her prosthetic legs (she was born without fibula bones and had her lower legs amputated at 1 year with the outlook of never being able to walk.) Well, she was walking on prosthetic legs at 2 years old and has gone quite far -- she's got a dozen amazing pairs -- and the superpowers they grant her: speed, beauty, an extra 6 inches of height ... Quite simply, she redefines what the body can be.
(A record-breaker at the Paralympic Games in 1996, Aimee Mullins has built a career as a model, actor and activist for women, sports and the next generation of prosthetics.)

An interview:

Monday, November 16, 2009

Building Heart Muscles

I was awake last night around 3am just thinking ... Brayden had his second hockey tournament yesterday. He plays SO hard. It amazes me what an athlete he is at just six years old. I had reminded him to make sure to put his coat on when we left the arena because I didn't want his muscles to cool down too quickly and get even more sore. Which led me to think about how the way muscle is built. It is by tearing the fibers, which unfortunately causes pain, that strong and more numerous fibers can build. That's when it occurred to me that the heart is a muscle. Even though our hearts go through terrible pain at times, through it all we hopefully end up on the other side of that pain with a stronger passion, love, resolve, and wisdom.
(grab kleenex now)

Yesterday also marked the 10 year anniversary of my father's second heart attack that was his call back to Heaven.

It's difficult for me to believe that 10 years have passed since that evening that I received a phone call that he was being taken by ambulance to the hospital after collapsing during his weekly tennis match ... and that it didn't look good. It seems like yesterday in so many ways, and yet I also realize how much life has happened since that day that I was sure the world had stopped and my heart was shattered.

The loss of a parent ... even if you know where they have gone and that it was God's plan from the beginning of time ... knowing that you are alone in the world in a way so different from the way you entered it ... it can be very raw and full of anger or fear ... and quite honestly I was angry for a very long time. Oh lucky Jeff getting to marry a wounded, angry bride 5.5 months later after a year and a half long engagement. It's just not something that I was able to "get over" or "accept" or move on. I had a lot of questions I WANTED ANSWERED.

One of the questions I often threw out there to God was "what GOOD can possibly come from this?"
And I would wait ... as if He was going to answer me right then and there ... clear as a bell ... with something tangible that I could and would actually accept as, "oh, well, okay, I guess you were right and that makes it all better."
Instead ... I'm sure he just scooped me up in his arms and whispered "hush-shshshsh" as I cried and struggled and protested.

It was unbearable to me to understand any good coming from someone so close to me being ripped from my life without warning. And having grown up in a close knit family ... right next door to my grandparents ... the thought of my future children not having a grandfather seemed pretty cruel and empty. It wasn't just me who was left without a father ... Jeff's father was called back to Heaven when he was only 15 ... after a long battle with cancer. However ... although the cancer may have taken his life ... it also drove him into the arms of accepting Christ and so it also saved his life as well. Jeff and I have a unique perspective having faced the death of both of our fathers. And we've had conversations on which is better/easier, to loose someone quickly without warning ... or slowly knowing the inevitable is near, since we both can speak from the perspective of each vantage point. But ultimately I think we both realize that cherishing relationships and the time we have is most important. You can have a million years and never feel close to someone or appreciate them ... and that wouldn't be better.

It's amazing how our lives take different turns than we may imagine or would choose. But knowing that God knew all along what would be before us and that it IS all working for HIS good (even though we don't often times understand) is something that I cling to and find rest and comfort in. I love that God gave me such a wonderful, loving father to shape and mold my life. I love that he was a believer and is in Heaven. I love that God holds me in the times that I am weak so He can be strong. I miss my dad and I know that God knows that and loves that too.
So much good can come from these things. And it will.

Friday, November 13, 2009

The Apron Connection

This is a funny story.
Earlier this week my husband was dining with a fellow co-worker who works as an expat in Japan for the same company. They were enjoying a meal before he returned from a visit here in the States. While on the China project that Jeff recently left, my husband had worked briefly with a female co-worker, Efay (I'm not getting the spelling right on that), and then he again now is working with her on the Japan project. She had joined them for supper too.

So in conversation he learned that she is originally from Xi'an and my husband concluded from some other things that she had mentioned that she comes from a rather prosperous family. Intrigued to learn more about the country, my husband asked what her parents did for their employment. She said they owned a textile mill. Interesting of course ... but most people might not know where to take the conversation from there. However, out of his resourcefulness, my husband expanded the conversation to ask what kind of things did they make? And he offered a few suggestions ... one being "aprons." (See he HAD been listening to me talk about a new fair trade company in China called Scarlet Threads and the cool hand-made aprons that I'll talk about below!) And can you believe that YES, actually aprons and pot holders are some of the items their mill specializes in! How bizarre. Out of all the things that can be produced. Well, needless to say the other co-worker was absolutely stunned by Jeff's ability to pull that out of his hat! Oh too funny.

But here's the segway to a different Apron Company:

Scarlet Threads is an inspirational brand-spankin' new company specializing in:
"unique aprons designed and produced by talented seamstresses in rural Asia. The perfect gift for bridal showers, holidays, or any special occasion, all Scarlet Threads products are fairly traded and created in compliance with our core vision and values. When you purchase one of our beautiful hand-crafted products, you become part of our story by providing a woman with safe and rewarding work."
The result? Dignity, which is always beautiful and never goes out of style.

It is so cool. They are unique and handmade. Each apron is a unique work of art. And just in time for the holidays.
Check them out at
Or click the button on the sidebar of my blog.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Getting Creative with Operation Giggle

We are SO blessed to be sponsoring Samuel and Philip from ND this Christmas for Operation Giggle!
SO blessed! I'm actually not hurrying Christmas this year ... I want to savor it and have 5 boys for awhile! :-)
Okay, call me crazy.
Throw Jeff in and make it an even half dozen :-)

I have to admit that I started shopping for these guys even before I knew that I could! (there was a little snafu with my email request(s) to reserve them but thanks to a very flexible family and a hard working coordinator we still had the opportunity to "adopt" Samuel this Christmas--oh my heart is just so with him) ... AND with 3 boys here at home already I figured any time spent in the boy-aisle at the store or online would be time well spent getting to know the toy playing field in advance this year!

There is a three pound total limit for each child though so I've been busy brainstorming and then weighing my ideas-literally, on a scale ... returning them to the store ... then buying something else ... reweighing, figuring it all up to see what will fit size and weight wise. And today I've actually decided to get a little creative and make the most of the rules and limits and get rid of the extra box packaging where I can since I will be putting all the gifts in a sturdy 12x12x12 box for shipping. I know this sounds a bit crazy ... but especially on one toy (a race track) I saved .4 lbs just in cardboard! Hopefully this isn't way lame, but I am re-purposing a plastic zippered thing that I recently got around a bed spread to put all the parts to the race track into before I wrap it nicely and affix a photo to the front for the folks who will be checking things over before it's sent. And there is even a little pocket inside that will fit a print-out of the toy from the box front so it will look nice when it's unwrapped. Presentation shouldn't suffer, right?!

Wow. Three pounds.
I am approaching Christmas gifts in a new way to say the least this year and I am praying that God will guide us to the toys and books that these boys will love to spend time with and be thrilled over! It has been truly a JOY looking forward to giving them gifts this Christmas. And it's wonderful the gift they have given us just by being sweet little boys. And even though we won't be there when they open them Christmas Day, our hearts have been so filled in preparation that they will be there in a way. And I hope the joys of this season spill over into the new year.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Our Fav Gift Picks for Christmas

Here's is our Christmas Suggestion List. (Check out some additions as well!) I've put some comments here and there. Some things we have, some are on our wish list for this year. I hope the suggestions are helpful! I know I'm looking forward to gleaning some ideas from other folks too. Thanks Stefanie, for spear-heading this helpful shopping tool and contest (check out her site for more details!)
**AND Don't forget that when you shop at to go through the Love Without Boundaries Amazon icon at the bottom of their homepage, or through this link at New Day Foster Home. That way LWB or New Day Foster Home receives a small portion of the proceeds of your purchase!

John Deere Mini Tractor with Loader

Available at for$5.57 plus shipping
(This is SO cute, 2x4" it's my FAV tractor at playtime)
Steel, rugged and sturdy. No sharp edges, loader lifts and bucket tilts. Perfect for 18 month on up! Has hitch for attaching even smaller matchbox sized implements.
There is also a larger version (21") for around $35.00. BOTH are rated for sandbox tough play. Although, the mini one is perfect in my living room, nice and clean thank you. (there is also a dump truck, but the tractor is PERFECT!)

Park & Play Service Garage
69.99 set
3 levels of reserved parking, 4 sturdy ramps, a working elevator, a service station with a "car wash", a car lift, 2 fuel pumps and even 2 garage attendants. Fits standard 3" die-cast cars (sold separately). Assembly required. Size 31"W x 28"D x 20"H.
Not a new toy to the scene but a good one! My sister bought this 10+ years ago for her boy. My boys LOVE to play with this now at her house.
Here's a smaller version from ToysRUs for 25.99 that looks nice too. (pictured below)

Playskool Wheel Pals Triple Track Tower

Jumbo Jet Playset

We had this set and the boys LOVED it ... until it was stolen on our ski-trip to Colorado. Very well made.

Zingo Game

Ages 3.5-and up
Very fun. Bingo using pictures. Helps develop patience, taking turns, speed, concentration, memory, winning ... loosing.

Sing-Along-CD Player

DC Super Friends Bat Cave

Ages: 3-6
features a working draw bridge with spinning feature to make sure the bat cycle is always ready for action, elevator, jail with escape hatch, shooting grappling hook, loading door that opens and closes, loading hook that raises and lowers, and a side door that can also be used with the bat cycle. Includes Batman, Robin, batcycle, console, satalite dish, antenna, 2 batarangs, bathook, and can be folded for easy play and storage.

Rumblers by Hot Wheels
$3.99 assorted cars (selected at random--says 3 and up although my 1 year old has not had any problems with it, even though he chews on it--ack!. I keep him in sight.) All the boys like this car.
Rumblers shake, rock and light-up. Rumblers feature moving engines. Very entertaining espec. in the car (if you don't mind a little engine noise.)


$40.00 starter set (basically a flexible, 18 foot, nearly indestructable blue track piece.)

Last year the boys wanted a race track, we wanted a toy that didn't take up half the living room and that wouldn't break in 4 days or come apart every 5 minutes (especially with a 1 year old toddling through it. We found this gem ... and it's made right here in Iowa! There is a funny video on the website to show it in full. We bought the basic blue track last year (it rolls up conveniently when the kiddos get tired of it OR when mom needs to vacuum. This year Santa might be bringing some friction cars and jumps supports (the gray things) to help make the loop d loops. (Shhhhhhhh!) Oh yeah, and it's supposed to teach engineering theory of centrifical force, gravity, momentum ... all those things their DAD loves--so its educational. It takes some imagination too (mom likes that.) And boys LOVE to just race cars down it if it's straight too ... and crash them. Ages could be 3 on up ... although the older the boy the more creative and daring they get. (Don't set it up near the china cabinet.)
** Also, matchbox/hotwheels cars work great ... but the Darda friction cars (around $9) are also on our list for this year. The loops will work better with speed I suppose.

Darda Friction Cars

Football Tee
Franklin Sports Crossfire Kicking Tee

Nintendo DSi Handheld game system

Brayden is CERTAIN he is getting this for Christmas ... because he's going to tell Santa at the mall!
He is CERTAIN of this (I LOVE how SURE he is ... but I'm a bit sad for him too ... because I don't think he's getting this--ug.) I almost want to get it for him just because of his faith ... if only it was faith in a prayer to God and not Santa, hmmm, may be a good teaching moment?! Perhaps I can re-focus him and somewhere get a good deal on one.

Lipper International Child's Slanted Top Desk And Chair - Pecan
$109.00 Amazon or and various other places

We have a constant art project on our dining room table ... I guess that's thanks to me and my art genes ... and clutter genes. When I was little we each had an old fashioned school desk. I think this would be ideal for creating and storage for the boys, and it would look good in our dining room corner too. Unfortunately, it might be a little on the short side for our tall 6 yr. old. Maybe I can find something a little taller, suggestions welcome.


Apron from Scarlett Threads
Made by fair trade company in China (check out their site!--Way cool any time of the year!)

Coffee from "Just Love Coffee"
Helping Orphans and Their Forever Families
You gotta check out this site! Way cool gift in so many ways! Buy coffee and help build an Ethiopian school, support a fair trade product, help raise funds for this family's adoption AND enjoy a good cup o' joe. And if you are checking in before Dec. 14th, The Little Family is having a raffle for a $250 gift card to Best Buy. To enter check out the details at this site:
This is the gift that just gives and gives and gives!

Crazy Love book

Wild Olive Tee--Love Unfailing(size 10-12 Jeff in case you're reading this)

Nintendo Wii Game/Wii Fit

**And as Stefanie pointed out ... this is a heavily weighted ALL-BOYS list (can you tell who makes up 4/5th of the family?)
The following is JUST for me and my girly-girl side :-)

Girly-Girl Bowtique
Every type of bow, corker,hairband, poof, ribbon imaginable. Check it out!

Basket of Babies

Springfield Collection 18" Dolls
(available at Michael's Craft Store)
Very much like American Girl dolls--18", available in brunette, blonde, red-head, black hair.

Also, please note the beautiful little girl holding the doll.
The ultimate Christmas gift (next to Jesus of course) would be to adopt a child ... or if this is not a reality perhaps this Christmas you can enjoy the season ALL year by sponsoring a child throughout the year or with a care-package. Pray for the Fatherless this Christmas.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Sweaters for China

If you haven't read "Silent Tears: Journey of Hope in a Chinese Orphanage" by Kay Bratt I highly recommend that you pick up a copy ASAP. I read the book last Februaury ... and I am amazed at the doors God has opened and the ties that have been woven since that time. That book was something that has changed my life and it will undoubtedly move your heart too if you haven't read it already. (Grab the kleenex it is heart-wrenching at times.)

Recently Kay asked on her blog for donations of sweaters that she will be sending to the orphanage that she wrote about in her book as well as to another orphanage. This is from her blog:
Most of us do not have to worry about our children staying warm this winter. However, now that the temps are beginning to drop, my mind is constantly straying back to those many winter days I spent walking through the rows of babies in the orphanage– babies who were dressed in three layers of clothes and then strapped down in their cribs with no ability to move, roll over or work the numb muscles. Sound sad? Yes– it does but it is true. One need I remember having each year was for warm sweaters for the infants, toddlers and other children.

If you would like to pick up a sweater or two and mail it to me, I will be sending off a box of sweaters to two orphanages. I cannot say which, as one was the orphanage I wrote about in Silent Tears; A Journey of Hope in a Chinese Orphanage. You may not know exactly where it is located but I can promise you that the children will benefit from your gift of warmth.

Please only send sweaters with buttons or zippers, as these are the most convenient for the orphanage ayis to use. Size 6 month and larger needed. You can email me at for the address to mail your donation to.

Can you imagine these children? My heart aches with the thought.
The boys and I went shopping today and we had such a wonderful time!... at least that is how I will remember it ... it was probably a little too long for them, but it was SO worth it. I prayed that God would guide me to the right sweaters and I am sure he did. The boys probably don't realize in full what a wonderful thing they did by offering to pick out one sweater each along with the ones I had chosen. But what a wonderful teaching moment and such a genuine act on their part. Easton chose this warm-up jacket after I mentioned that some boys wear pink as that's what many of the orphanages have a lot of.

And Brayden chose the red striped sweater in the middle here (wonderful colors!)

But out of all of them ... THIS is my favorite.

I get tears in my eyes when I hold it in fact. It is dark navy blue (not the bright blue that shows on my computer) with bright sunflowers across the front. The buttons are even sunflowers! AND if that is not enough the middles of the sunflowers look like chocolate chip cookies!

When I saw this sweater I knew it is one I would have LOVED to have had as a little girl. And I am praying that the little one who receives this will be warmed on the inside AND the outside knowing that it is packaged with much love. And I pray even deeper that someday soon the little one who wears it will have a photo taken (maybe even wearing this sweater?) that is cherished and looked at a million times a day by her forever family who is on their way to give her a home, food, a warm bed and a loving hug. If you would like to send a sweater (or two) please email Kay at her address above or via her blog link also above.

Matthew 25:35-40 (New International Version)

35For I was hungry and you gave me something to eat, I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink, I was a stranger and you invited me in, 36I needed clothes and you clothed me, I was sick and you looked after me, I was in prison and you came to visit me.'

37"Then the righteous will answer him, 'Lord, when did we see you hungry and feed you, or thirsty and give you something to drink? 38When did we see you a stranger and invite you in, or needing clothes and clothe you? 39When did we see you sick or in prison and go to visit you?'

40"The King will reply, 'I tell you the truth, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers of mine, you did for me.'

Please remember the least of these--Orphan Sunday is November 8th--but everyday is "Son"-day.

The family

The family