Friday, November 13, 2009

The Apron Connection

This is a funny story.
Earlier this week my husband was dining with a fellow co-worker who works as an expat in Japan for the same company. They were enjoying a meal before he returned from a visit here in the States. While on the China project that Jeff recently left, my husband had worked briefly with a female co-worker, Efay (I'm not getting the spelling right on that), and then he again now is working with her on the Japan project. She had joined them for supper too.

So in conversation he learned that she is originally from Xi'an and my husband concluded from some other things that she had mentioned that she comes from a rather prosperous family. Intrigued to learn more about the country, my husband asked what her parents did for their employment. She said they owned a textile mill. Interesting of course ... but most people might not know where to take the conversation from there. However, out of his resourcefulness, my husband expanded the conversation to ask what kind of things did they make? And he offered a few suggestions ... one being "aprons." (See he HAD been listening to me talk about a new fair trade company in China called Scarlet Threads and the cool hand-made aprons that I'll talk about below!) And can you believe that YES, actually aprons and pot holders are some of the items their mill specializes in! How bizarre. Out of all the things that can be produced. Well, needless to say the other co-worker was absolutely stunned by Jeff's ability to pull that out of his hat! Oh too funny.

But here's the segway to a different Apron Company:

Scarlet Threads is an inspirational brand-spankin' new company specializing in:
"unique aprons designed and produced by talented seamstresses in rural Asia. The perfect gift for bridal showers, holidays, or any special occasion, all Scarlet Threads products are fairly traded and created in compliance with our core vision and values. When you purchase one of our beautiful hand-crafted products, you become part of our story by providing a woman with safe and rewarding work."
The result? Dignity, which is always beautiful and never goes out of style.

It is so cool. They are unique and handmade. Each apron is a unique work of art. And just in time for the holidays.
Check them out at
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Tara Anderson said...

I can't wait until they get more pictures up! I'm dying to see the "Anna" apron being modeled! Currently my favorite is the "Molly" but I wish it was a full apron instead of a half-apron. Of course, I also love the "Savannah" and the "Phoebe", the latter of which I bought my sister-in-law for Christmas! Who would have ever thought we'd be so excited over aprons?!!? But, they're just so beautiful it's impossible not to be!

The Sanders Family said...

I am definitely going to check this site out. I've always wanted an apron, and can you believe I've never owned one! Crazy, I know!

That's too funny that Jeff actually guessed aprons out of all the things they could have produced, and he was right! That is bizarre!

Football & Fried Rice said...

Small world, huh?? God is so NOT small!! I, too, love their aprons and have one on my "list" !!

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