Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Getting Creative with Operation Giggle

We are SO blessed to be sponsoring Samuel and Philip from ND this Christmas for Operation Giggle!
SO blessed! I'm actually not hurrying Christmas this year ... I want to savor it and have 5 boys for awhile! :-)
Okay, call me crazy.
Throw Jeff in and make it an even half dozen :-)

I have to admit that I started shopping for these guys even before I knew that I could! (there was a little snafu with my email request(s) to reserve them but thanks to a very flexible family and a hard working coordinator we still had the opportunity to "adopt" Samuel this Christmas--oh my heart is just so with him) ... AND with 3 boys here at home already I figured any time spent in the boy-aisle at the store or online would be time well spent getting to know the toy playing field in advance this year!

There is a three pound total limit for each child though so I've been busy brainstorming and then weighing my ideas-literally, on a scale ... returning them to the store ... then buying something else ... reweighing, figuring it all up to see what will fit size and weight wise. And today I've actually decided to get a little creative and make the most of the rules and limits and get rid of the extra box packaging where I can since I will be putting all the gifts in a sturdy 12x12x12 box for shipping. I know this sounds a bit crazy ... but especially on one toy (a race track) I saved .4 lbs just in cardboard! Hopefully this isn't way lame, but I am re-purposing a plastic zippered thing that I recently got around a bed spread to put all the parts to the race track into before I wrap it nicely and affix a photo to the front for the folks who will be checking things over before it's sent. And there is even a little pocket inside that will fit a print-out of the toy from the box front so it will look nice when it's unwrapped. Presentation shouldn't suffer, right?!

Wow. Three pounds.
I am approaching Christmas gifts in a new way to say the least this year and I am praying that God will guide us to the toys and books that these boys will love to spend time with and be thrilled over! It has been truly a JOY looking forward to giving them gifts this Christmas. And it's wonderful the gift they have given us just by being sweet little boys. And even though we won't be there when they open them Christmas Day, our hearts have been so filled in preparation that they will be there in a way. And I hope the joys of this season spill over into the new year.


Tara Anderson said...

That 3 lb rule is tricky! There were several things that I wanted to get for Cora, but they were too heavy. I'm going to be pushing the limit as is, but I think I'll come in under. :)

I'm glad you are able to savor shopping for your 5 (or 6) boys this year! I'm still trying to process the fact that I will (most likely!) be shopping for MY little Chinese girl next Christmas...and I'm sure I'll have an "extra" one from New Day as well! :)

TanyaLea said...

3 lbs. is really hard. I've done the same thing...removed the store packaging. It just takes longer for the kids to get to their goodies anyway, so I'm sure the nannies will appreciate less garbage and removal of packaging to deal with!!

Though, I was thinking...all that love might just put your pkg over the weight limit! ;)


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