Monday, November 2, 2009

God's Words in Lettering for Your Walls

I have a friend who has a way of "opening boxes" for me--at least that is what we kid about because it seems that whenever we talk she is able to peel away some layers of me to reveal something that I didn't realize was valuable or useable by God. I met Tara via blog world this summer and I smile knowing that God is at work orchestrating it all. In the few months since we "met" online I was able to give her blog a little typography boost and she was able to enlighten my spirit in so many ways with wisdom well beyond her years! She also is waiting patiently for some lettering from my vinyl lettering business. This is a business venture I started about 3 years ago. It hasn't really taken off with gusto. But I guess I never intended for it to become the center of my life either, but rather as a creative outlet as I mother my young children. I enjoy it so much knowing that I have a small part in helping to put God's word into people's homes when they need reminding as they love and discipline their children, as they leave their home to shape and share with the world, and where they just LIVE. I also just LOVE to typeset wording and make it have personality and life beyond just being words.

You will find 2 verses up for raffle in some items to raise shipping funds for Operation Giggle and for Milk Money. I'm not sure when it goes live, but keep checking back to their website.
That is the point of this post by the way. You MUST go check it out!
I will give you a sneak peek so you hopefully are further compelled to check it out. (They are represented here in black over gold vinyl.)

These vinyl wall letterings are removable (if you ever decide to repaint or *gasp* get tired of them) And they are an economical and classy way to personalize and accent/dress up an area or room SO easily! Oh yeah, my business is called "Wit & Wisdom."

But let me back up a bit. This Spring I was amazingly blessed by God by sending some lettering to Carrie. (She relays the entire story so well HERE)--and the results HERE. She also has been a God-given friend via blog that has given me so much insight on orphans, the mission field and on God and my struggle with how to live closer to Him and for Him. She recently posted (yesterday) about how she continues to be blessed by another verse (that she suggested and that I typeset for her) when she leaves her home everyday, sometimes in a rush. What a wonderful way to be reminded with a still small voice of God. She is the origin of one of the verses that is up for raffle with Operation Giggle. How cool is that?! (Here it is on her wall.)

If you have a verse you haven't been able to find anywhere or that you'd like to see typeset, let me know. I try to keep my pricing as economical as I can ... ie: I'm pretty cheap compared to the BIG guys (what can I say ... my staff is pretty small ... it's just me, haha.) Email me if you have any questions. And good luck to you when you chip-in for the raffle! The results from the raffle will be such a GREAT blessing to so many. And what a great daily reminder to you in your home of God's love for the orphan ... and for you!


Tara Anderson said...

You know how much I LOVE opening boxes for you! And regardless of what you may say, I firmly believe that I am always by far the most blessed recipient in our little encounters...and not just in tangible ways! :) Your wall lettering makes an EXCELLENT addition to the raffle, and I'm sure it will help bring in more money for this awesome project!

Love ya lots!

TanyaLea said...

What a beautiful heart you have, Valerie! I know that OG will be blessed by this raffle. I guess somehow I didn't realize that you made these vinyl letterings yourself. I have been a consultant with Uppercase Living for a couple of years now, but I don't do home parties anymore, just book shows and I use them for my staging business. But I love your scriptures and the way you personalize them. If I ever go inactive with UL, I will know who to come to for my design clients!

Love and Hugs,
~ Tanya

The Sanders Family said...

Ooooh! I love all your vinyl lettering, and absolutely love the last verse...(They will know us by our love.) I may have to get that verse for my wall's one of my favorites for sure!

How great that you are offering your vinyls for these raffles! I will definitely check them out :)

The family

The family