Sunday, November 1, 2009


About a month ago Easton informed me that his name was NOT Easton Ronald ... but that it was Easton Skywalker. On many days he still prefers that (with a cheesy grin along with the request.) I thought this was particularly funny since he's never seen ANY of the StarWars movies or really played much with the toys. I guess the fascination with the light sabor (that I have luckily avoided buying or getting as a gift because I KNOW it would be used as a weapon against his brother) is enough though! He did not choose to be Luke or Han or Yoda for Halloween surprisingly. Could it be because I kinda swayed him toward the things I already had on hand?

Here they are ... Blue Power Ranger, Snow Leopard, & Spiderman
(Sorry about the photo quality, I have been using a free web thingy and it does a grainy job ... I will be getting a new Photoshop SOON!)

AKA: Easton, Nolan & Brayden

This is our pumpkin. It's supposed to be a haunted castle (like the one on Scooby Doo) although Jeff thought it looked more like a sewing machine, the boys kept wanting to see a face in it. Consider it modern pumpkin art.
(My favorite part is Nolan in the doorway making sure I don't get too far out of his sight.)

Before we decided on costumes the boys went through every possible combination including hockey player, ninja warrior, fireman, m&m, red power ranger, boxer ... they tend to want to be what they were last year, which I totally have no problem with. It's just committing to an outfit I wish they could do a little quicker.
Here's my attempt at making a black eye for my hockey player, who decided to be spiderman in the end. (It was somewhat disturbing to put eye make-up on my sons (because of course Easton wanted a black-eye too) but hey ... Jeff was hunting SO I got to have fun with makeup. And Brayden has the eyelids like me that disappear when his eyes open ... so that was a challenge, Easton on the other hand has eyelids that are perfect for shadow ... and those eyelashes? They are 5 miles long on their own! It's a good thing he's not a girl because Jeff would be in BIG trouble in a few years if he were!)

And to tell you the truth ... seeing THIS in my living room was kinda freaky! It looked a little too real!


Tara Anderson said...

The boys look great! Eli was Spiderman for Halloween last year, and he still LOVES to run around the house in his costume. Also, Eli has never seen any of the Star Wars movies either, but is obsessed with it! Too funny!

Fuel said...
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The Sanders Family said...

Gabe was Spiderman last year too :) And the boys still wear their Halloween costumes around the house for fun. Gabe was Darth Vader (scary) for Halloween this year, but he has seen Star Wars at Grandpa & Grandma's house before. Cooper is obsessed with Transformers but has never seen the cartoon or movie. Funny how that works, isn't it?!? I really think it's partly the commercials :) The boys sure looked cute, grainy photo or not!
Hope Brayden is feeling better...Gabe said he's been sick.

(And the above deleted comment was from me...I was still signed up under Jason's ministry blog, Fuel. Sorry about that!)

Football & Fried Rice said...

Cute cute cute!!! Boys costumes' are so fun!

TanyaLea said...

Well, good job on that black eye, cuz I thought it was the real thing at first glance!! The kids all look cute in their costumes!

Oh, and I love your sewing maching pumpkin, btw!! ;) LOL!!!

Michele said...

They are too cute for words!! And that pumpkin cracked me up. Well, not the pumpkin, but the comment about the pumpkin.

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