Saturday, November 28, 2009

Now on the runway ... of our kitchen

The Scarlet Threads apron arrived in our mailbox today! I have to let you know that the packaging presentation was very nice. It even was wrapped in a celo-bag with a beautiful red ribbon tying on a sparkly printed "Scarlet Threads" tag. As if the apron wasn't enough, I liked the small details that made it even more of a gift!

Jeff said he'd hold it for a photo ... but didn't think he could pull off the "V" neckline in a photo. He left that for me. He did say it was the prettiest apron he'd seen. And quite honestly he meant it. The fabric is so beautifully pressed and is so crisp and well detailed in the gathering and the lace.

Jeff also prepared the boys, "Wow, we are in for some goooooood meals now let me tell ya!"
I hate to disappoint him too much, but I'm not sure if the apron comes with a promise of better cooking. (haha)

P.S. 3 things: You may notice the baby gate blocking off the birch tree from MN in the corner of our living room next to Nolan's rocking cow. Only in the midwest, right? Sorry. Should have tidied up the living room first. Oh, and the birch tree? No, it's no longer alive. So many visitors have asked if it is ... what a chuckle. I can barely keep my houseplants watered let alone a tree! Oh yes and you'll also chuckle at there being no ornaments on our tree from Nolan's height and below. Martha Stewart look away! (the horror.)


Tara Anderson said...

It looks great on you!!! I ordered the same apron for my sister-in-law's Christmas present and was AMAZED when it came in. You're right about the packaging...incredible! Everything was so pretty and the details are incredible! I think they're going to be a huge success! :)

Football & Fried Rice said...

Umm, I am loving it - it is fabulous!!!! I love the cut and the fabric too - and I also love your tree & the cow & the 'reach' of the ornaments - all VERY real ;)

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