Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Our Fav Gift Picks for Christmas

Here's is our Christmas Suggestion List. (Check out some additions as well!) I've put some comments here and there. Some things we have, some are on our wish list for this year. I hope the suggestions are helpful! I know I'm looking forward to gleaning some ideas from other folks too. Thanks Stefanie, for spear-heading this helpful shopping tool and contest (check out her site www.nihaoyall.com for more details!)
**AND Don't forget that when you shop at Amazon.com to go through the Love Without Boundaries Amazon icon at the bottom of their homepage, or through this link at New Day Foster Home. That way LWB or New Day Foster Home receives a small portion of the proceeds of your purchase!

John Deere Mini Tractor with Loader

Available at greencrazy.com for$5.57 plus shipping
(This is SO cute, 2x4" it's my FAV tractor at playtime)
Steel, rugged and sturdy. No sharp edges, loader lifts and bucket tilts. Perfect for 18 month on up! Has hitch for attaching even smaller matchbox sized implements.
There is also a larger version (21") for around $35.00. BOTH are rated for sandbox tough play. Although, the mini one is perfect in my living room, nice and clean thank you. (there is also a dump truck, but the tractor is PERFECT!)

Park & Play Service Garage

69.99 set
3 levels of reserved parking, 4 sturdy ramps, a working elevator, a service station with a "car wash", a car lift, 2 fuel pumps and even 2 garage attendants. Fits standard 3" die-cast cars (sold separately). Assembly required. Size 31"W x 28"D x 20"H.
Not a new toy to the scene but a good one! My sister bought this 10+ years ago for her boy. My boys LOVE to play with this now at her house.
Here's a smaller version from ToysRUs for 25.99 that looks nice too. (pictured below)

Playskool Wheel Pals Triple Track Tower

Jumbo Jet Playset

We had this set and the boys LOVED it ... until it was stolen on our ski-trip to Colorado. Very well made.

Zingo Game

Ages 3.5-and up
Very fun. Bingo using pictures. Helps develop patience, taking turns, speed, concentration, memory, winning ... loosing.

Sing-Along-CD Player

DC Super Friends Bat Cave

Ages: 3-6
features a working draw bridge with spinning feature to make sure the bat cycle is always ready for action, elevator, jail with escape hatch, shooting grappling hook, loading door that opens and closes, loading hook that raises and lowers, and a side door that can also be used with the bat cycle. Includes Batman, Robin, batcycle, console, satalite dish, antenna, 2 batarangs, bathook, and can be folded for easy play and storage.

Rumblers by Hot Wheels

$3.99 assorted cars (selected at random--says 3 and up although my 1 year old has not had any problems with it, even though he chews on it--ack!. I keep him in sight.) All the boys like this car.
Rumblers shake, rock and light-up. Rumblers feature moving engines. Very entertaining espec. in the car (if you don't mind a little engine noise.)


$40.00 starter set (basically a flexible, 18 foot, nearly indestructable blue track piece.)

Last year the boys wanted a race track, we wanted a toy that didn't take up half the living room and that wouldn't break in 4 days or come apart every 5 minutes (especially with a 1 year old toddling through it. We found this gem ... and it's made right here in Iowa! There is a funny video on the website to show it in full. We bought the basic blue track last year (it rolls up conveniently when the kiddos get tired of it OR when mom needs to vacuum. This year Santa might be bringing some friction cars and jumps supports (the gray things) to help make the loop d loops. (Shhhhhhhh!) Oh yeah, and it's supposed to teach engineering theory of centrifical force, gravity, momentum ... all those things their DAD loves--so its educational. It takes some imagination too (mom likes that.) And boys LOVE to just race cars down it if it's straight too ... and crash them. Ages could be 3 on up ... although the older the boy the more creative and daring they get. (Don't set it up near the china cabinet.)
** Also, matchbox/hotwheels cars work great ... but the Darda friction cars (around $9) are also on our list for this year. The loops will work better with speed I suppose.

Darda Friction Cars
OR Amazon.com

Football Tee
Franklin Sports Crossfire Kicking Tee

Nintendo DSi Handheld game system

Brayden is CERTAIN he is getting this for Christmas ... because he's going to tell Santa at the mall!
He is CERTAIN of this (I LOVE how SURE he is ... but I'm a bit sad for him too ... because I don't think he's getting this--ug.) I almost want to get it for him just because of his faith ... if only it was faith in a prayer to God and not Santa, hmmm, may be a good teaching moment?! Perhaps I can re-focus him and somewhere get a good deal on one.

Lipper International Child's Slanted Top Desk And Chair - Pecan
$109.00 Amazon or Walmart.com and various other places

We have a constant art project on our dining room table ... I guess that's thanks to me and my art genes ... and clutter genes. When I was little we each had an old fashioned school desk. I think this would be ideal for creating and storage for the boys, and it would look good in our dining room corner too. Unfortunately, it might be a little on the short side for our tall 6 yr. old. Maybe I can find something a little taller, suggestions welcome.


Apron from Scarlett Threads
Made by fair trade company in China (check out their site!--Way cool any time of the year!)

Coffee from "Just Love Coffee"

Helping Orphans and Their Forever Families
You gotta check out this site! Way cool gift in so many ways! Buy coffee and help build an Ethiopian school, support a fair trade product, help raise funds for this family's adoption AND enjoy a good cup o' joe. And if you are checking in before Dec. 14th, The Little Family is having a raffle for a $250 gift card to Best Buy. To enter check out the details at this site:
This is the gift that just gives and gives and gives!

Crazy Love book

Wild Olive Tee--Love Unfailing(size 10-12 Jeff in case you're reading this)

Nintendo Wii Game/Wii Fit

**And as Stefanie pointed out ... this is a heavily weighted ALL-BOYS list (can you tell who makes up 4/5th of the family?)
The following is JUST for me and my girly-girl side :-)

Girly-Girl Bowtique
Every type of bow, corker,hairband, poof, ribbon imaginable. Check it out!

Basket of Babies

Springfield Collection 18" Dolls
(available at Michael's Craft Store)
Very much like American Girl dolls--18", available in brunette, blonde, red-head, black hair.

Also, please note the beautiful little girl holding the doll.
The ultimate Christmas gift (next to Jesus of course) would be to adopt a child ... or if this is not a reality perhaps this Christmas you can enjoy the season ALL year by sponsoring a child throughout the year or with a care-package. Pray for the Fatherless this Christmas.


Stefanie said...

Great list... can tell you have all BOYS around your house :) As a mom to 5 boys myself, I can totally relate!!
Thanks for all the great ideas!!

Valerie and Jeff said...

Stefanie--you are SO right! Orginally I felt a little guilty about adding any of the girl things I would love. Thanks for giving me permission (of sorts.) I melted when I saw your post on the little magnetic doll ... and Sara's post on the Baby Be Blessed dolls (Maria). Make my heart melt!

Girly Girl Mommy said...

Valerie~ I have never had to shop for boys stuff, so looking through your list was fun. Thanks for adding my website to the girly part of the mix. I hadn't seen the picture of Elizabeth before- her smile made my heart sing!! Oh, and that desk is neat. Our kitchen table has crayons, glue,scissors etc. on the center lazy susan where most folks have napkins and salt & pepper. Desks might not be a bad idea!!

TanyaLea said...

Great list, Valerie. It was fun seeing all of the goodies on here and what a treat to see that photo of Elizabeth again... my heart still melts when I look at it! So special!! :)


ellie said...

Great list!

Thanks for sharing about the amazon link - though I felt sick when I read that LWB could have had a percentage of the -oh about a thousand dollars I just spent- :( bummer! Hopefully noone else that reads your blog will make that mistake!

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