Friday, November 20, 2009

Scarlet Threads Apron

Imagine my surprise when I opened my email this morning at 6am and saw that I had WON ...
this gorgeous, handmade apron from Scarlet Threads in China! (See post below from Nov. 13th about the competition/entry.)

I cannot believe it!
Thrilled. Moved. Skipping like a giddy school girl.
I am beyond words, not only because I'm still recovering from some tonsil issues (yeah, seriously I have the grossest tonsils in the world and should have had them removed 200+ sore throats ago) but because I seriously did not think I would have a shot in a million to win this! And I know so many of you wanted to win it too, and that stinks that you didn't--but if you stop by I'll let you wear it! I promise! OR you can add one to your Christmas List and choose your very own!

I am looking forward to receiving this treasure--and I will treasure it SO much! It is amazing how sweet this particular gift is to me. One, I love to bake and two, you may remember THIS post that I made earlier this summer about another special apron. And the resulting post HERE. I know God knew how special this would be to me. In fact yesterday, out of the blue while waiting for Brayden at hockey practice and entertaining E and N, I noticed this gorgeous coat another hockey mom was wearing. I actually stopped her to comment on it and she went on to tell me how she had it hand tailored just for her ... IN CHINA ... while visiting her brother-in-law and sister there. (Well, we then chatted for probably 30 minutes about China.) So my heart was already primed in the area of well tailored things and I am sure God is just smiling over this. Such a little thing, but such a big thing too. I will now have a daily reminder over my heart of something so special and so much bigger than my little world. No, I didn't get to travel to China to get it ... but it's like the next best thing.

**If you haven't checked out Scarlet Threads Aprons click on the blue type to link to it or click on the icon on the sidebar.


Tara Anderson said...

Valerie, I am SO glad you won that apron! I don't mind "losing" to you at all! :) Enjoy it and be blessed by are such a blessing to others, and now it's your turn!!! Love ya!

The Sanders Family said...

I think this apron was meant for you Valerie! Congrats you blessed women you :) Sorry about your tonsils! Yuck! Have they every discussed taking them out? That's one body part I always wonder why God gave us in the first place. But as with everything, I'm sure He had His reason :) Hope you're feeling better!!!

The family

The family