Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Just Love Coffee


Just Love Coffee?
Well, I have someone on my Christmas list who does. (shhhh!!! He may even read our blog, oh no!)
But instead of wrapping up a can of Folgers, I thought it might be more special to buy a bag or two of a robust fairly traded variety that not only benefits the growers and marketers, but also benefits orphans. And even BETTER it helps a specific family in their adoption journey.

I came across this site this morning http://littleadoptionfundraiser.blogspot.com/
The Little Family is raising money for the adoption of their daughter through JustLoveCoffee.com/LittleFamily AND is holding a raffle for a $250 Best Buy gift card in order to stir up interest in their Coffee Store Site Fundraiser! The drawing is coming up before Christmas. Click on the blue type to visit their site and to see the full details. Who could use a BestBuy gift card? anyone?
Oh yah!

Here's the short story:
"We are participating in the Just Love Coffee Adoption Fundraiser. This is organic, fair trade coffee that is roasted to perfection. When you drink coffee from our Just Love store, you not only add to our adoption fund, you also help to build a school for children in Ethiopia. Visit out Just Love Coffee store by clicking HERE, and try a pound of coffee. Email me (littlefamilyfundraiser@gmail.com) and let me know what variety you are trying, and I will put your name in the pretzel jar."

So, check out their specific coffee store site HERE to enjoy some great coffee on Christmas morning and to give and give and give in just one purchase.

PS--You DON'T have to join the coffee club and get a monthly shipment unless you want to. You can buy per bag by clicking on the selection menu on the left of the screen and selecting "Coffees" and from there choosing a variety. (I'm going to try a Medium blend "Selam Tsehai (Fair Trade) "Hello Sunshine" " by recommendation of the Little Family and Ethiopian Sidamo. And since the certain somebody who will be getting this calls me his "Sunshine" I thought it was appropriate. ;-)
Oh ya, if you want to mention that I recommended it to you I get another entry in the gift card drawing along with yours! Double yay!


Tara Anderson said...

My passions combined...organic coffee and adoption. Sounds like a perfect combination! I'll have to check it out. Thanks for the suggestion!

The Sanders Family said...

What a neat idea! My parents both love coffee...this may be the perfect Christmas gift for them :) Thanks for sharing!

Football & Fried Rice said...

Love fair trade coffee!! Though I myself am struggling with giving up caffeine- not near as fun to order decaf :(

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