Sunday, December 13, 2009

Sunday Snapshot-Easton

He's loves to pretend he's the meat in the "sandwich" made using the couch cushions,

He pushes his brother's buttons by copying EVERYTHING he does (because he looks up to him SO much. Too bad Brayden doesn't appreciate this,)
He tells the best jokes,
He always makes me laugh,

Reminds me so often how BIG God is,
And he has the kindest heart EVER.

He even made dandelion "soup" for me this spring.

He is such a sport and plays so well with his brothers.
He promises that he will NEVER let a girl ride in his red pick-up truck
And that he'll always live at home with us.
ya ... right. (haha)

We are SO blessed to have Easton as our son. He is a treasure beyond measure.
Love you Easton!

Ni Hao Y'all


Tara Anderson said...

What a doll! All of your boys are so precious!!!! :)

Football & Fried Rice said...

Easton sounds like my Carter - wanting to live with us forever and MAYBE get a part time job somewhere along the line to buy candy with :=) haha!

Stefanie said...

My boys too say they want to live with us forever... I actually wouldn't mind that ;)
What a cutie Easton is, LOVE the dandelion soup he made for you :)
Thanks for joining in, I've got you all linked up!

The Sanders Family said...

I just love little Easton. As I saw him walking around today before church, I was thinking of how big he's getting. He is becoming such a little man, with a contagious smile on his face. Love it! Thanks for sharing these great photos :) They made me smile, as did your comments about Easton!

Carrie said...

What handsome boys you have! Your Easton sounds like a little charmer! The dandelion soup made me laugh out loud! ;)

Chris said...

Boys....gotta loves those boys!

All tender and tough....

Sweet and cuddly!!!!

My boys also said me they would never leave me. Now they are 24 and 22.....treasure the moments. My, they go by quickly!

Ellie said...

So sweet :) love the dandelion soup!

I just got the email you sent (I forget to check that one!) and I wanted to let you know the "I will gather children was something I found on the internet - I love that too. Sounds like adoption might be in your future ;)

xo ellie

Jill said...

Such a sweet smile! Why is it that the older brothers can never appreciate the adoration of their little brothers??

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